Evil Toons


Animation / Comedy / Fantasy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 29%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 26%
IMDb Rating 3.8 10 1917


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David Carradine as Gideon Fisk
Dick Miller as Burt
Arte Johnson as Mr. Hinchlow
Fred Olen Ray as Spell Book / Cartoon Monster
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Lee Eisenberg 10 / 10

"Who Framed Roger Rabbit" meets "The Exorcist"! And yeah, how come Dick Miller has never won an Oscar?

"Evil Toons" is one of many wacky comedy-horror flicks deliberately not taking itself seriously. This one has four twentyish women staying in an old mansion to spend the weekend cleaning it. A strange old man (David Carradine) gives them a book, which they read and release an evil spirit that materializes as a lecherous canine cartoon character and goes after the girls one by one.

Of course, the movie's main strength is the women's nude scenes. Roxanne does a striptease, Megan fondles herself in front of a mirror, and there's other things. In fact, the DVD precedes the movie with an introduction by director Fred Olen Ray...and he's surrounded by naked women with breasts the size of watermelons. Really cool! (does it make me a chauvinist pig for saying that?) But overall, this is just a very funny movie. Probably the neatest character is B-movie veteran Dick Miller as the boss. In one scene, he watches Roger Corman's "A Bucket of Blood" - starring himself - and wonders why the star never won an Academy Award. I agree. On the Oscars just this past Sunday, they missed another chance to award him! Also starring Arte Johnson as the neighbor.

Reviewed by Bogframe 8 / 10

Let's look at this movie for what it really is

Face it, Evil Toons was never conceived as Oscar material. It's a deftly crafted spoof on every B & C horror movie made in the last 50 years. You have your typical Blonde, Brunette & Redhead with their brainy friend (she's the one with the glasses, natch) bimbos who get a job cleaning out an old house. They find an evil object, release a nasty spirit and get killed off in ways that reflect who they are. Then your cameo (David Carridine) comes in and tells the surviving (smart) one how to repair the damage, and everything comes up roses. Looked at it this way, you have a quickie shoot transformed into a masterful spoof. I loved it, you will to, if you don't take it too seriously!

Reviewed by scout777 8 / 10

Not just another slasher flick...

Yeah, it's a B-Movie and yeah there wasn't a WHOLE lot of animation done like in "Cool World" and "Who Framed Roger Rabbit". But the whole point of the movie was to see T and A and THAT'S what the movie did good on. REALLY fine young girls getting naked! Kool beans :)

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