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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 3 / 10

Typical found footage indie

EVIDENCE is another familiar found footage horror flick that plays out in the BLAIR WITCH mould for the first half. A quartet of friends head off into the woods to do some exploring, but before long they're asked by a mysterious being and forced to flee for their lives. Eventually they track the creature to an underground installation which appears to be abandoned, so they explore it. The story goes from there. This is the typical kind of effort with lots of shaking camerawork, unlikeable characters, and a general predictable feel. It's not the worst I've seen, but there really is nothing new here and they needed to try a lot harder to make any kind of impact in an over-saturated market.

Reviewed by Andariel Halo 7 / 10

fun quick little thing

This is one of those films that greatly benefits from being very short, only about 1 hour and 15 minutes, and probably could've stood to be 5 or 10 minutes shorter, even.

it's unclear what the actual subject of the documentary the characters are filming is, but it doesn't matter and no one cares, this is a Boogin Film and we want to see the boogin, while not actually seeing the boogin in case the boogin costume/puppet/effect is poor quality and draws us out of the immersion.

the film does a great job of balancing that, giving us perpetually tantalizing quick shots of the boogin while not letting us see very clearly what it is. Its very first appearance is rather Bigfoot-y, while the first time you get a frontal shot of it, it looks like a giant sloth, and the more the film lets slip of it, it ends up looking rather like an orangutan or gorilla with the head of an owl.

this film treads over a lot of clich├ęs of found footage horror, including the disbelieving friend, a red herring stranger encounter (in the form of a wacky ass guy with a gun claiming to be looking for his dog), and a secret government facility with weird shenanigans happening. However the film does good by not lingering on these tropes, either drawing them out or having a strained sequence where, for example, the main characters wander into a government lab and come across a working computer or big binder fully explaining all the details of what's going on and them having a big revelation like "THIS is where all the Bigfoot sightings come from!" or "THIS is the source of the Philadelphia Experiment!"

the entire sequence through the government facility is one of perpetual running, with no time to sit still and look around or take in what is happening. More of the Boogins begin to appear, and when we get the reveal of their source, it continues to not let us get much more information or any clear reason why the Boogins look and act the way they do.

the end credits sequence is rather messy, with lots of pseudo digital distortion making it difficult to see or read things on screen, while also showing a quick compilation of random clips apparently taken in the government facility involving the boogins. it's not clear whether these take place before or after the film itself, and they too give very little actual information on what is happening and why.

And I like it that way. I love movie mysteries that are either unresolved or only partially solved. I love that there was a whole world of backstory in this secret government facility that was completely denied to us because we were busy being chased by murderous owl-sloth boogins. Our lives are in danger, we shouldn't care about any of this. It was a fast and fun ride.

Reviewed by NeilJThomas 4 / 10

Slightly better than similar movies.

Just so you know, there are minor spoilers here.

Unlike some of the claims here, it's not actually a "found footage" movie. It's filmed in that style though, portraying events which are purported to be real, from a 1st person perspective. however if you watch closely the last 10 minutes or so you'll realize it can't be found footage. I'm trying to avoid spoilers here, unless it's absolutely necessary.

there's some good ideas here, some of which i'm sure we've all had while watching yet another horror movie made in the wake of "the Blair witch project", you know the sort, when you think "if they had shown that (censored) there, the tension would really, really go through the roof". well, they finally did, you'll realize what I mean when you see the bit about the trees.

That's the good part, the bad part is that it's yet another of those movies that can only scare that class of viewers that cover their eyes at the first sight of anyone that's simply running in the dark screaming. i've already watched this movie 12 times in the last month, all of them with different titles, all of them with the same plot:

"remove protagonists from the perceived safety of urban life, and throw them into an isolated, unknown location. have them hear and even glimpse a threat, but never clearly enough for them to understand exactly what it is that's after them. never show the threat clearly enough that the viewer can identify it either. reveal that the threat is strong and fast enough that it can run them down and tear them apart if it should choose to do so, then reveal that they're obviously facing the son of a scooby-doo cartoon monster: whenever they're out in the open and vulnerable, the monster stands there and watches them, listens to them ... does things to the trees around them ... but otherwise leaves them alone. when they see proof that the monster is lethal, get them to run like headless chickens from a to b to c, in the dead of night (hardly ever a good idea) yet the scoober never quite manages to catch them, only showing a desire to do so if and when they reach shelter."

unfortunately they've made so many of these movies that it's become virtually impossible to come out with an innovative conclusion to these events, or even an innovative plot twist. they've been repetitive up to the very end, they might as well have a rational, if repetitive, denouement, but somehow that doesn't satisfy the filmmakers. fortunately for them, the found footage genre gives them an easy out, and this is "close to found footage" enough that it can be bent into the same kind of ending: EXPLAIN NOTHING. NO. THING. to be fair, in this particular movie, at the very end an unseen man's voice actually puts a name onto some of the things you see, SOME, and it's more of a hint to get your brain working in the intended direction. if they had shown some restraint about what to put on screen at that point, it would even have worked, but they chose to put a large number of people behaving inexplicably at the end (the message apparently being that they're either mental patients, or at least they've gone mad) and that doesn't work well with the (SORTA) explanation provided by the unseen man...

it's just another mess of a movie. there are a few decent special effects at the end (up to that point there had been only three moments with special effects) but they're off the screen before your brain catches up with what you've seen, and personally I wish they'd invest more money into coming up with a coherent and believable script throughout, rather than for special effects in the last 10 minutes of the movie.

like all the rest, it's a lightweight horror movie that only easily scared people will appreciate, you know the kind: they will invariably tell you that they've "watched it from behind the sofa".

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