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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by roony1974 1 / 10

Possibly worst movie in history, no kidding...

Possibly worst movie in history, no kidding...

This movie should never ever have been released on the open market. It is actually a Norwegian school project made by a bunch of teenagers with a camera, not a movie at all.

You are better of watching just about anything else then this. Keep away at all cost, I mean it seriously. STAY AWAY !

There is nothing more to say about this "movie" but for the review to be accepted I must write more.

Reviewed by Kai A. Stensson 1 / 10


This have to be the worst film I've ever watched.

The plot was good, and I really wanted to see what happened next. It was hard to not turn it off. I only watched the whole thing because it was filmed in my home town of Oslo.

What ruined the whole film, and made me just laugh and shake my head through the whole film was the horrible horrible acting, and bad directing.

There where just so many things that just didn't make sense, and thing that should have been put extra focus on for it to make sense for the viewer. It was just bad all around.

Even the plot was bad. Good idea. BAD writing.

This film is so bad, it's almost so bad it's fun to watch. Almost..

Reviewed by Jao Romero 1 / 10

If someone went and filmed a piece of turd drying out in the sun for 40 minutes, that would be an immensely better film than this piece of rubbish

First of all, the decision to use English and not just subtitle the film (if they were releasing it internationally) was truly horrible. None of the actors can speak coherent English. Everyone swallowed their lines and had difficulty speaking proper English. That said, even if this was, at the minimum, understandable, it still wouldn't forgive the scattered mess that was this movie's plot.

Being 17 year-olds and amateurs does not excuse the horribleness of this film. You can be young and inexperienced and still make a great film. You just have to be a good storyteller.

This film lacked any sense whatsoever. Compounded with the bad storytelling, bad acting, bad directing, bad writing, and overall bad everything makes this movie an excrement that should never have even been released - except as a class project. And even then, should have been given a D. D for Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest.

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