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Sean Young as Ramona
Skeet Ulrich as Brice
Randy Wayne as Jeff
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Prismark10 4 / 10

The killer inside

Brice (Skeet Ulrich) plays an entrepreneur whose Escape Room is not doing the business in LA. An Escape Room is a place you are locked in for some time and need to puzzle your way out. However to pep things up, he steals a spooky artifact from an avant-garde antique shop. When a group goes in which includes a horror writer that Brice hopes will give him a good review, the room becomes deadly. Now it is a race against time to get out.

Sean Young is the shop owner who tells Brice that the box is not for sale and contains a demon inside. The beginning set in the middle east harks back to The Exorcist and there is also an homage to The Gremlins.

This is very low budget horror thriller, not too much gore, a few scares, the acting is not much but it is effective enough.

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 6 / 10

I can't do puzzles.

Brice (Skeet Ulrich) is having trouble with his "Escape Room" business. People are no longer lining up to come see them. Brice obtains a "skull box," one said to possess an ancient demon to spruce up a puzzle room. Two couples are there to play the game, one guy is a critic. They open the skull box and....

The film started out pretty good. Dialogue wasn't bad and I liked the shop keeper (Sean Young) giving out classic Gremlin advice although she got a bit wordy at the end. The film didn't have anything in the way of special effects for the demon...oh they did do that black mist thing. I thought things went down hill once the demon got out and it should have picked up.

I have been in escape rooms and none allow cell phones. They don't want pictures of their room posted on the web. Generally a walkie-talkie is used for medical emergencies. This escape room was basically what you would expect from an escape room. It was rather generic. The film would have been better with horror trivia most of us would know rather than Michael Myers cried in Halloween 5. The only one I really remember was Halloween 3 which had nothing to do with the series but has a song that sticks in my head which I will take to my grave. Sorry I digress...Silver Shamrock. Final girl set up in formula fashion.

Okay film. Nothing to get excited about.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

Reviewed by jbar19 5 / 10

Interesting idea, doesn't really go anywhere

For a movie that really takes place in only 1 room, it's not too bad. There are a few decent performance and the girls are great to look at but it never really delivers anything new.

I'm tickled pink to see Skeet Ulrich and Sean Young back in action and the main 4 actors were pretty good but the story just kind of lays there and never really grabs you.

Pros: The 2 girls are really pretty. The 2 guys do a competent job. Not bad for a movie that probably cost pennies to make. The actors made the best with what they were given.

Cons Inconsistent story and no real surprises. More padding than a training bra. It's an hour long movie stretched into 86 minutes through use of extreme slow motion. Plus, the main characters could have done a lot more to fight the 'monster'. They had a whole room full of potential weapons, lighters, plates, 1 chair, furniture etc. Screaming and swearing at demonically possessed killers never seems to slow them down.

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