Escape from L.A.


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Bruce Campbell as Surgeon General of Beverly Hills
Kurt Russell as Snake Plissken
Michelle Forbes as Brazen
Steve Buscemi as Map to the Stars Eddie
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Reviewed by simonconnolly72-467-863881 5 / 10

On second viewing and expectations lowered, it's fairly watchable.

The first time I saw this I was appalled. My point of reference was the original. A few years later I re-watch with my standards lowered and I enjoyed it more. It's all relative really. It's not a great movie by any means and you can see Carpenter's decline taking effect. The movie is just a re-hash of the original but set to kitchy special effects and a more lighter fun tone. To be honest, the cartoon CGI, and silly things like surfing a wave, which bothered me the first time didn't this time. He obviously is going for a cheesy look and to a certain degree it works if you forget about the first movie. Some people will love the style, die hard original fans will hate it. It works on some levels but I just can't help preferring the dark, minimalist, sleazy, atmospheric menacing tone of the first. My main issue with this sequel on second viewing is the lightweight villain. It's just an actor in a Che Guevera costume with no real menace at all and therefore any tension and urgency is lacking. Th final scene is also a big set piece that looks more like a universal studios special effects and fire show than an actual place where a story is taking place. A fairly entertaining movie but a far cry of the original

Reviewed by coolgod 10 / 10

Cuervo Indiana Jones

....Percure's the microfilm from the evil president trump after his daughter Ivanka Trump run's off with the super-villain Jones & in the process has put the entire known universe in jeopardy!! Trump's top general jame's maddis call's on the services of the one man in the world who knows what the order of rules are in crisis that one should follow, having learned this from his great mentor julius benedict. Luckily (again) they have just captured the snake who is not in the best of mood's again & basically is forced to undertake this monumental task all by himself - & to top it off, stacey keach is not his biggest fan!

& this farce of a film that is merely a thinly guised parody of the original, continues to pretend that it's a serious one until the very end. If it were open about how it was a parody rather than a sneaky sly snake parody then it could of at least been a lot funnier. Instead the lying critics who know fine well how cynical this movie is, try to force feed you the notion that is all just bad acting/unintentional humour & in short want to treat the viewer like their an idiot who can't tell that this is an insult; to those that happen to be a fan of the very good original (who this movie is pretty much mostly targeted at) - it's a blatant 'ha ha ha' with a middle finger raised at you on the part of john carpenter (The A ss-F ucker)

Reviewed by recognizablethemes 10 / 10

John Carpenter's Escape From L.A. is underrated 'Plissken looks "so 20th century."

The film exults in its imagination of the greater Los Angeles area as a ruined metropolis, with the Santa Monica Freeway well underwater and the Universal Studios theme park beset by real sharks instead of the Spielberg variety. In the action climax, Disneyland--stripped of its familiar branding following a corporate bankruptcy--is invaded from the skies as Plissken drops in, gun blazing. (It's not the movie of a man who's entirely happy with the machinations of Hollywood studios.) Carpenter later said he wanted the scene to be reminiscent of The Wizard of Oz, which figures. With its aggressively whimsical dream logic, the only way this movie really makes sense is if Snake wakes up in Kansas in the final reel.What's memorable are the film's gaudy visions of excess. Escape from L.A. has a brighter and more colorful look than the resolutely dim Escape from New York, which may have been a deliberate decision to embrace a sunny Southern California palette, though I'm guessing it also had something to do with the presence of cinematographer Gary Kibbe, rather than the wizard Dean Cundey, behind the camera. The friendlier look goes conceptually with the picture's more overtly jokey approach.Escape from L.A. is at least partially model-led on westerns-- Plissken is actually described at one point as a "gunfighter"-Pam Grier plays Hershe--it's pronounced like "Hershey," thus it's an insistent play on race as well as gender. See, Hershe is a trans-woman with hairy 'pits and an uncharacteristically deep voice who used to be a buddy of Snake's known as Carjack Malone. When Snake finds her, he gets in close, runs his hand up her thigh to her crotch and declares, "The more things change, the more they stay the same," before intimidating "Carjack" with the gun he found there. When she insists, "I'm no longer Carjack Malone," he hisses in response, "I don't give a f'ck what you are." Yes, Plissken has story reasons for threatening Hershe. But, absent that greater context, the film plays here exactly as though Snake is threatening a hate crime.The surprisingly character-driven script, too, wouldn't fly today. Rather than focus on elaborate set pieces and action sequences, Carpenter, Hill, and Russell give their actors ample time to talk and double-cross each other.The most satisfying payoff of seeing Escape From L.A. today is in realizing that 1996 imagined 2013 so as to fantasize about regressing.

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