Erin Brockovich


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Julia Roberts as Erin Brockovich
Albert Finney as Ed Masry
Aaron Eckhart as George
Scarlett Pomers as Shanna Jensen
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Reviewed by saletehnolog 8 / 10

For me 8,5

This is the role of life for Julie Roberts. The film is great, and especially important when it is known that it was made on a true event. The role played perfectly. The focus is on the story from the first to the last second. I have the impression that this role is written for Julia, rather than as it is often the case that the actor adjusts to the role.


Reviewed by poe-48833 8 / 10

We do got problems...

I saw ERIN BROCKOVICH mere days before I saw Erin Brockovich and, while definitely worthwhile, the movie often focuses too much on the woman behind the case and not quite enough on the particulars of the case itself... much like what happened when she arrived here in wilmington, north carolina, to address 300 concerned citizens regarding Dupont's dumping of carcinogenic chemicals into the Cape Fear River (the source of drinking water for 250,000 north carolinians). Alongside a "water expert" who spouted indecipherable gobbledygook for the better part of an hour and a half, Brockovich said, in essence, that it's all up to US to get things Right (the Mayor of wilmington, who owns a construction company, didn't bother to show up at this Public Meeting- perhaps because he'd gotten wind of something that Brockovich revealed to us that night: that there's a pipeline like the infamous North Dakota Access Pipeline about to begin construction HERE, before long). Like we ain't got enough problems, already... Crack Town- wilmington- has been referred to as "Ground Zero" for the opioid epidemic in this company (the so-called "united" $tate$ of ameriKa), with a reported 13% of wilmingtonians hooked on opioids (my guesstimate is much higher- 40-50%-, based on personal interactions I've had with many of the locals over the past two decades). When I arrived here, the then-governor was in the process of accepting a bribe of half a million dollars from the local Nuclear Regulatory Commission to allow them to dump Nuclear Waste into the Cape Fear River. (There was no follow-up investigation, as far as I know.) I've personally seen men openly armed with handguns in grocery stores, gyms, pawn shops and shopping mall parking lots hereabouts and the sight never fails to give me pause. The "housing" DE-Construction going on to accommodate the projected 65,000 newcomers to Crack Town over the next 10-15 years is causing even worse flooding than ever (my own used bookstore was flooded nearly 20 years ago). The bottom line: the denizens of Crack Town are up S--t Creek, without a paddle... News of some small comfort: Brockovich also told us that all of the water fountains in Washington have DON'T DRINK THE WATER! THE WATER IS POISON! signs on them. At least we're not alone...

Reviewed by ktapia-04277 8 / 10

Brockovich keepin it real

The movie starts with a man's words on a black screen, the next frame shifts and focuses on Julia Roberts beautiful face heavy with baby blue eye shadow and big voluminous hair. You almost believe you're watching Pretty Woman, but you'd be mistaken! Julia Roberts is Erin Brockovich in the biographical movie directed by Steven Soderbergh, written by Susannah Grant. This movie tells the story of the people from Hinkley, California in the San Bernardino County and how Erin Brockovich unlocked the secret to Hinkley's many unfortunate health issues. The story of Erin Brockovich is by far an interesting one. It is a story about a strong, motivated, and driven woman who never took no for an answer. Erin Brockovich is a single mother of three who has been kicked down and hit with misfortune after misfortune. After leaving a disappointing and discouraging job interview, Erin gets hit by a rich asshole zooming through a red light. Seeking compensation from the reckless driver, she ends up in Ed Masry's office in search of lawyer.

My 8/10 rating stems from the great performances done by the actors, the amazing wardrobe and costume department, and the great directing. It is no secret that a good movie and a good director go hand in hand. Director Steven Soderbergh did a fantastic job at creating a film that depicted Erin Brockovichs' life and the Hinkley Water Crisis on screen in an easy going and realistic manner. The characters were likable unlike other "underdogs" that annoy the audience because we just know things would work out for them eventually. I was rooting for Erin and I was rooting for Hinkley.

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