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Jack Nance as Henry Spencer
Jennifer Chambers Lynch as Little Girl
Jack Fisk as Man in the Planet
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ed-Shullivan 3 / 10

This is an irritating "tries to be" suspense film for the artsy fartsies

Simply put, this horror/science fiction filmed in black and white could be used to drive a potential mad men right over the edge. I enjoy black and white comedy films such as 1974's Young Frankenstein, and/or the 2011 The Artist. As for this so-called critically acclaimed now available as part of the Criterion Collection film collection I have to ask. Why?

Is this film different from everything else? Yes

Is the coiffe hairdo on lead actor Jack Nance weird enough? Yes (But so is lead singer's Mick Hucknall hairdo of Simply Red fame but I don't want to see him starring in a horror film)

The sound effects are not haunting, but they are very irritating.

I found no redeeming features in director David Lynch's first ever major film and I wonder how he got a second chance after releasing this film? Oh! I think I can figure out by the financial numbers attached to this piece of crap.

Budget $20K

Gross $7M

There is a huge market for the artsy fartsies of the world. There is a famous quotation by American circus showman P.T. Barnum in which he says "There is a sucker born every minute."

If you watch Eraserhead...welcome to the club!

I give it a 3 out of 10 rating

Reviewed by braxium 7 / 10

Interesting as a whole, but not as a movie

The thing that captivated me most about this movie is that when you dissect it into its distinct elements, you get to see many different well made sides to it. The most important element - to me - is the soundtrack.

The experience of the movie is aligned in such a way that it feels like you are listening to an album by David Lynch, and the picture is an accompanying video for it. I could even name it as a dark ambient masterpiece. Of course, there are all kinds of musicians of that movement who could comparatively be much better than Lynch, but nevertheless a soundtrack so much tailored for a movie being dark ambient in origin makes it really worthwhile.

The imagery is quite cerebral, I even found some parts that belong to my dreams. And it isn't meant to be horrific, but something more rather innately disturbing, something that lurks beneath that is mutual for many people but unexplored. And of course, the soundtrack draws these out of the picture and makes it all work.

My only issue is that the plot wasn't on par with the other elements, it feels like the movie isn't meant to be viewed as a film, but rather a audiovisual collage that aims to express something subliminal. That doesn't of course mean bad news, but there were shifts from the visual aspects of the movie to narrative sections that didn't really express as much and didn't really convey any useful information about the events. I didn't really expect the movie to tell me a story in the first place, I just wanted to see how dark ambient would look like, to be honest.

Summary: The movie didn't need a story, it didn't even need to label itself as a movie. Really good soundtrack, accompanying and being accompanied by really nice subliminal imagery.

Reviewed by acecomicscollect 1 / 10

Nothing at all

I had never seen this until it came on Turner Classic Movies. Classic? What a joke. TCM needs to get this as far away from their library of movies as possible. This did not have one redeemable quality. Slow, boring, nothing to like about any of the characters. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!! Horrible movie.

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