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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 32%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 50%
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Nicholas Hoult as Silas
Guy Pearce as Jonas
Claudia Kim as The Collective
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by orsigyoriog 9 / 10


It took me so long till I found a trailer that resonated with me. I did not know what to watch, spent so much time figuring what to spend my money on...being very picky. I am GLAD I watched this movie. Great acting. Great, very very great and relevant message. And a nice ending, not too corny! So, do not for a moment hesitate to spend some money and time on this money, it is definitely not a waste. One of the few treasures out there! Should have received more attention though in the media!

Reviewed by sognaconme 9 / 10

A movie about emotions

I don't know why the film was not succesful, I think it's almost a masterpiece, as someone else in the reviews has already written. It's a real talent to describe the human emotions, I was comparing this movie with "Passengers" an high budget film, with vfx, action, and a great plot, but so lack of emotions, so lack of love. In Passengers I don't believe the two protagonists love each other, I didn't felt nothing. In this little indipendent movie I felt a lot, I falled in love with them. If you as a storyteller achieve this, you have done a good job, In many great budget american movie I don't feel emotions, just some entertainment. So thank you Drake Doremus, you made me feel something.

Reviewed by alisondoorknob 5 / 10

Been there, done that.

I was excited to watch this movie because I am a big fan of a good dystopian story. The beginning felt a little like "1984" or "Anthem," which is a decent base, but the context was a little unclear. As the film went on, the plot left much to be desired. It wasn't horrible, but it never really departed from the "Anthem" theme- I have read or seen most of these ideas before. The characters didn't have great chemistry, so it was hard to really feel empathy. The romance just felt awkward and forced. The actors didn't do a bad job. In fact, they did quite well. The whole thing just wasn't a magic combination. To finish, there wasn't much resolution in the end. Not that every film has to have a happy ending or even closure, but if there is going to be an unresolved ending, the whole movie needs a certain solidity which this particular one lacked.

So to sum it up: The film was based on a good idea and had good potential, but there wasn't really anything that made it stand out among the ever-growing dystopian genre. I don't regret watching it, but I wouldn't recommend it to someone else.

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