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Tye Sheridan as Eddie the Opener
Michael Cera as Tommy
John C. Reilly as Cousin John
Dean Stockwell as The Celebrity's Henchman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thirtyfivestories 6 / 10

Defense Begets Isolation

The Comedian sprays his unwieldy hair like a pacifist disciplines their dog. Brushstrokes of hair pulse across his forehead concealing a barren head. He is a performer and a disgrace. Vulgarity and apathy are The Comedian's punch lies, and they land like a dirty southpaw. Some entertainers wish to gather admirers. The Comedian, however, knows that folks remember their enemies most vividly.

Economy motels and gas station bathrooms provide refuge from drunken halls and Mexican diners. One stop fails to secure The Comedian a hotel room, and houses him at a relative's casa. Lying on an abbreviated couch and crotchet pillow, he is tempted by lustful dreams. He has no gall to grasp them, and is reduced to a pathetic puddle.

At every stop, The Comedian reminds the audience that he stands before them as an escape. He is a salesman of forgetting. People ought to sit down and laugh, laying their real life worries on the bar counter. The Comedian hurls blazing rebukes at anyone who dares to remind the room that his character is fabricated. And he character is indeed fabricated poorly.

Eddie opens the show each night, once an admirer of The Comedian, but his face broadcasts news of a dying star. Pantomiming is the character Eddie hops into, and the contrast to The Comedian's three drinks and one microphone routine is staggering. A kid delighting common people with a clown nose and a bell hat. Cheap laughs pour out for the phenom, but they do not sand the psyches of the audience.

It would be easy to call The Comedian's work higher art, but fishing for sympathy is just as cheap as the mime's prop work. No, entertainment is an alchemy of exorcism. The Comedian meets a connoisseur of the chromatic scale, a witch of color. He dives into her art for in hopes of self-reflection. Possibly to understand why he only hears his daughter's voicemail.

The Comedian's set lists are packed with tumors. His mission is to milk laughter from an festering breast, to walk into the grime and smile. This journey will take him exactly where he envisions on the bulky televisions, yet he will not be able to stomach his destination. He will deliver a child, but will never be able communicate with the stranger.

Reviewed by FilmBuff1994 3 / 10

An Unentertaining, Tasteless Film,

Entertainment is a poor movie with a horrendous plot and character development, joined by a talented cast that are trying their very best to bring some life to these underwhelming parts. I understand that every decision this film made was made on purpose, but I despised each and every piece of this plot. All the weird sequences that contained little to no dialogue, such as The Comedian walking through the dessert to disturbing music, or the scene where he delivers a baby, are very unclear in terms of what their objective was.

It is very hard to tell whether this movie was aiming to effect us or make us laugh. It was all far too humorous to be taken as a drama, but also too intense to be considered a comedy, the whole thing really just felt unnecessary to me. Maybe if the character was a likable one that I was able to support, then it could be redeemable, but I had no care for him or anything he did.

I understand there are fans of this movie, and if you are thinking that the reason I did not enjoy this film is because I am not familiar with the work of Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington, I am actually a huge fan of On Cinema and Decker, I also love the Tim and Eric sketches, so this was genuinely something I was looking forward to. I was excited after seeing the very enthralling trailer and enthusiastic about seeing Turkington in a lead role, while his characterisation was stellar, I could not bring myself to appreciate this movie in any way.

It simply did nothing for me other than confuse. Too funny to be dramatic, too dramatic to be funny, Entertainment is a regrettable 100 minutes.

A washed up comedian goes on a tour across the country, and finds difficulty handling a lack of appreciation for his humour.

Best Performance: Gregg Turkington / Worst Performance: Michael Cera

Reviewed by niklassawstrom 5 / 10

A washed up depressed comedian aiming for disaster

There is no end to the main characters misery in "Entertainment". It is uncertain to me whether the writers and filmmakers are aiming for a portrait of a beaten dog worth some compassion or a predator feeding on himself and everyone around him, as every well meaning word and action in his direction is ironically swallowed whole followed by a quenched belch. I'm having a hard time finding any love for him at all but am forced to see the story through. In the spirit of Brecht, this comedian have the choice to quit, face reality and stop being the hero that saves the day. But of course, it wouldn't be brechtian for him to do so. That choice is up to me and you. How low can you go and keep on not laughing? And when that laugh comes, is it the cleansing sound of a soul, or the croaking of crows on a corpse? This is tricky: the rating depends upon how aware the producers of "Entertainment" are of it's message. I don't know them personally so I can't be the judge of that, but I hope they give a F*** about the moral of the choice. Otherwise, this movie is just one more self loathing, self pitying, sexist and childishly narcissistic wet nightmare from a masochistic comedian of the male sex, caught in his own cynical material; artsy in the bad sense. But even so, this movie is a perfect kick-off for an interesting discussion.

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