Enter The Wild


Drama / Horror

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Ryan Johnson as Dylan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho 2 / 10

Terrible Amateurish Movie

The terrible amateurish "Enter the Wild" is one of those overrated movies in IMDb with the wrong genre (horror?). The storyline is awful with a screenplay that does not develop the unpleasant characters and uses the most absurd situations and dialogues. The pace is inadequate and boring, and the dismal camera framework is ridiculous, cutting the heads of the characters in every close-up. The cinematography and locations are also very poor. It is funny to see the gorgeous Ella Scott Lynch wearing mini-skirt in the wild and changing clothes many times along their journey. Watching this movie is a complete waste of time. My vote is two.

Title (Brazil): Not Available

Reviewed by imnicholls 4 / 10

Old film, new title.

Something struck me immediately as a bit off with this movie; it looked old, like mid 2000s clothes and film... So I look at the imdb page and sure enough this seems to be the director's previous film from 2008 just retitled and repackaged as a horror.

It might appeal to fans of old mumblecore Adam Wingard, like Pop Skull or Horrible Way to Die, but it is tangentially related to horror at best.

Reviewed by sirken-75757 3 / 10

What the hell???

Ok everything that went wrong in the movie is what is wrong with this movie. I mean come on .. Lost your map ..let the animals eat your food..Try to run off with compass and get hurt..etc..etc.. Got to say the acting was not to bad....And i watched it to the end so did keep me into the movie even thou i almost turn it off a couple of times....Only watch if you have nothing to do but watch paint dry.

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