Enter the Dragon


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 75%
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Bruce Lee as Lee
Jackie Chan as Thug in Prison
John Saxon as Roper
Sammo Kam-Bo Hung as Shaolin Fighter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Golgo-13 9 / 10

Don't think! Feeeeeeelll!

When it comes to kung fu, Bruce Lee is a legend. When it comes to kung fu cinema, Enter the Dragon is the most highly regarded. In other words, you owe it to yourself to see this flick! The story is relatively simple but quite sufficient and sprinkled with humor. The locations and setting are wonderful as well. The characters are one of the main attractions here though, with the gambling but honorable Roper (John Saxon), the feisty and unorthodox (but effective!) Williams (Jim Kelly), Chinese Hercules Bolo, and the great baddie Han, the hand man. Bruce Lee's presence, of course, steals the show. While some of the fight scenes from Lee's Chinese Connection (I think that's the one) may rival the ones here, ETD is a far more well-rounded film. The variety of exciting fights are skillfully choreographed and there's not too much downtime from the action either; even in the flash back we have some excellent female butt-kicking. And you gotta love that 70's soundtrack! This is a classic action film that will never be forgotten. The two-disc DVD was loaded with goodies; you really couldn't ask for more, except for maybe a better commentary. Producer Paul Heller was dull, dry, and had little to offer.

Reviewed by blrnani 9 / 10

A wonderful legacy!

A truly great action film that provides us with a worthy legacy from the master, Bruce Lee. It also kindles the inevitable 'what if' nostalgia, wondering where his career might have gone if blessed with Jackie Chan longevity. Tho' I do worry about Jackie's well-being, still doing so many stunts himself, even today. Bruce Lee always seemed to be the physical ideal - strong but quick and light; a contrast to the muscle-bound Schwarzeneggers - so it is still hard to accept that his body betrayed him in the end, if we are to believe the official story. But celebrity does have its temptations and pitfalls and it was a period when drug taking was considered normal in certain spheres. Moreover cocaine, especially, feeds the notion of of immortality, of being untouchable and capable of anything (while simultaneously wreaking its internal damage). Who knows what really happened, but I shall always treasure my copy of this film.

Reviewed by kaisertabitha 4 / 10

Somewhat enjoyable, iconic, but still not a great movie

I understand that for many martial arts movie fans, this is a nostalgia trip. But that doesn't change the fact that this is a bad movie. The dialogue is laugh-out-loud terrible, and most of the performances aren't great. Also, almost all of the audio appears to be ADRed, and some of the Chinese actor's voices where clearly redone by a white guy with a southern American accent who didn't even try to match the flaps. There are long pauses in between most lines of dialogue where we just stare at someone's face, which is hilarious. Most of the dialogue is pure nonsense and does nothing to further the plot. Watching this really made me understand why Samurai Cop exists--the dialogue is exactly the same quality (but much less racist).

In my opinion, most of the fighting scenes were boring. This might be because I'm used to watching BJJ fights, which involve much more grappling, and so are a bit more dynamic than most of the fights, which just involve punching and kicking. Bruce Lee's fights stand out as the best by far, you can really see his skill. In some of the shots of the morning ritual, you can really see some of the extras phoning it in and not keeping proper form, which is funny.

A lot of the stuff that happens in this movie makes no sense. Why use a king cobra instead of an armed guard? Are king cobras even indigenous to China? Why do all of the competitors and the guards randomly start fighting each other right before Bruce Lee fights the bad guy? What's the bad guys motive? Why did the bad guy lock a bunch of people in his evil underground lair? Wouldn't it just be really expensive to have to feed them all? Why are the only conversations that actually get anywhere about prostitutes? How did the agency who contacted Lee know that bad stuff was happening on this island? What did the agency even want Lee to do? Why did the bad guy kill the only man who knew who was in the garden? Why doesn't the side plot about one character's gambling addiction never get resolved? Actually, why isn't there any character development (unless you consider death a development)? Why does the bad guy literally let people beat each other to death in his tournament? Wouldn't that just attract the police?

The film doesn't have a great portrayal of women, and the way the African-American character is just downright offensive. "Funky" music plays anytime he is on screen, he dies first, he's clearly supposed to be the comic relief of this movie.

Ultimately, this is a hilaribad movie. The only thing that's really good about it is Bruce Lee, and he deserved to be in a much better movie. Don't be fooled by the high ratings, this is just a nostalgia trip for fans of martial arts movies or fans of Bruce Lee. If you're looking for something funny to watch with your friends, do a couple shots and this is your movie. If you're looking for a decent film, look elsewhere.

And please, for the love of god, read the quotes on this website. It's basically the entire script, and it tells everything you need to know about this movie.

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