Enter the Devil


Horror / Thriller / Western

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh 8 / 10

Desert Satanists.

The action of "Enter the Devil" takes place on a barren Texas wasteland dotted with dirty little towns and mercury mines.A red-robed Satanic cult is kidnapping unlucky victims and sacrificing them in the name of the Devil.Meanwhile a beautiful doctor Leslie Culver is researching the book about devilish cults."Enter the Devil" is a slow-moving and wonderfully dry horror movie set on the desert.There is a brilliantly conveyed aura of utter isolation that kept me intrigued.If you like strange horror/western hybrids give "Enter the Devil" a look.An obscurity that deserves to be seen and appreciated by countless fans of 70's horror.Enjoy your stay in Dry Lake.8 out of 10.

Reviewed by dbborroughs 7 / 10

Great drive in/grindhouse horror film you've probably not seen but should, has unjustly been lost to the ages

(This review contains potential spoilers)

A man driving in the desert has his tire shot out. He thinks it's just a blow out and when he finds his spare is also flat he decides to walk to get help. Getting picked up by a fast moving pick up truck the man is soon reported missing. What follows is an investigation into the disappearance of the man and the uncovering of a strange cult near the US border with Mexico.

Minor classic and unjustly forgotten horror film seems to have disappeared into the mists of time. I don't ever remember seeing or hearing of this film until I ran across it in the Sinister Cinema catalog. I'm guessing that the film disappeared into the void since it probably had small distribution and was made about the same time as other western set horror films like Race with Devil, Devils Rain and others of that type. It's a shame since the film is actually quite creepy and even scary.

What makes this film work are a couple of key factors, first the visual sense. There is something about the way the shots are composed that creates a good sense of dread. The Film manages to take run of the mill horror film events and turn them into something else. Watch the opening sequence. The idea of a man driving in the desert can be boring. However we are drawn in to the proceedings almost instantly. We are there. As the sequence proceeds and the rock collector is picked up, we already have a sense of unease before he gets into the truck. It helps that we never see the driver and until the truck pulls away, we only fleetingly see the gun that shot out the car tire. We know that the man will not becoming back, a feeling reinforced by the fade to the torch lit procession of robed figures. Its eerie and the film is barely five minutes old.

The second thing that works in favor of the film is that it doesn't behave as most other films of this sort. The cliché's are not really there. Who and what is going on isn't ever really explained, there is no twist ending, characters come and go in ways you don't expect and the film sticks pretty close to reality, we don't get overwhelming supernatural forces at work, its all very real in a way most horror films never are.

You'll forgive the lack of details about the story, but as with most films this is a better film to see than read about.

If you can, see about tracking this film down. Its not readily available and it seems that the only ones carrying it are companies specializing in obscure films (Sinister, Something Weird, etc.). Also be forgiving since any prints out there seem to be scratched.

7 out of 10 on the general scale. 9 out of 10 on the drive in movie meter.

Reviewed by Bloodwank 7 / 10

Spiffy little cult horror obscurity, well worth your time

Back in the early 70's when Charlie Manson and chums had just killed the hippie era cultist horror was in vogue. Race With The Devil was probably the artistic high point of the genre,but obscurities like Enter The Devil and Blood Sabbath are arguably of more generic interest to geeks like myself, dwelling more on the aesthetic aspects of crazy cults. There's a lot of aesthetic and thematic potential in the whole cult set up, hoods and robes, chanting, obscure rituals and fires, then there's the whole issue of singularity of purpose and the subsumed individual, someone can be just about anything on the outside but when it comes to their cult affiliation they become just a piece of the one persona. Other films delve deeper into the themes, but Enter The Devil gets good mileage out of the aesthetic and smartly sets things in the eerie isolation of the New Mexico desert for greater effect. It's simple slow burning stuff for the most part, Deputy Sheriff Ozzie Perkins investigating a disappearance and finding that the plot thickens as he goes, there's a good dusty atmosphere and sense of nagging unease punctuated by short sharp shocks, then things rev up with a nail biting two punch driving the film into its final block. There are clichés at hand, like Mexicans being either goofy or feisty, white guys being mostly horny and bigoted and the female lead being largely ineffectual, but somehow the character interactions work nicely, building up a solid feel of place and time both compelling and gently unsettling. The generally likable acting helps, beautiful Leslie Culver is charming enough as the research professor on hand to explain things, Joshua Bryant a helpful and friendly motel owner and Happy Shahan gruff and decent as the Deputy Sheriff. They all gel pretty well, as do the other players, making the slower moments pretty pleasing and producing a quiet, mundane feel that renders the climax all the more effective. I don't know whether the print I saw was the cut US release that got a PG certificate and re-released on Something Weird DVDR or full length (I think it was a S. African VHS but the run time falls between the two listed on IMDb) but the big shock scene in this is marvellous stuff, not graphic but real mean spirited and unsettling, really blows you out of the comfort zone prior established. The actual climax has its problems, but its short and sweet and shouldn't deter anyone who has managed the rest. Little in the way of bloodshed or action but definitely a good 'un, well worth a look for 70's horror fans.

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