Enough Said


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 96%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Khalida Alimirzoyeva 7 / 10

A beautiful comedy full of liveliness!

What got my attention about this movie was firstly James Gandolfini – an actor whom I admire and respect. He passed away few years ago, but he left behind so many unforgettable characters and this film is a sweet note before his untimely death. His movies always touch my heart and one of the reasons I watch him acting is because of his great and rare talent. Now about this movie. It's very entertaining to watch. Rest assured that your time will not be wasted. You'll have a good laugh as the movie has very funny moments. Perhaps younger generation will avoid watching it, since it's more fit for older generation to watch. Many would say that this movie appeal to older crowd. The realistic conversations and situations will definitely hold your attention. The movie deals with a daily life of middle-aged people who have a lot in common i.e. kids who leave for college and both have gone through divorce. They meet at the party and by co- incidence the man she pursues to date turns out to be her new friend's ex-husband. I would address this movie to all people with different ages as this film will give you a better perspective of life in general. If you're tired of all this new fantasy, sci-fi, Hollywood action blockbusters, this is the movie for you! Actors completely lost themselves in their' roles. Acting was really great! Charming and sweet! This movie will stay in your memory for a long-term. The script and cast is so marvelous that you'll love every scene of it. I rate it 7/10.

Reviewed by VapeJuiceDude 5 / 10

Typical Hollywood 'Touchy-feely' fare...

What is it about American movies? Ten minutes into this movie, I knew it was directed by a woman. Female directors of Hollywood comedy/dramas don't seem to understand that if this is your target audience, it should by definition contain some semblance of both comedy and drama maybe?

A one and a half hour movie should contain more than purely the 'emotions' of the characters involved. Things like an interesting story-line maybe, or snappy dialogue, quirky characters or a sub-plot? There were maybe three lines of dialogue in this movie which could be classed as mildly humorous, and ditto for the 'drama' content. The rest was just fluff.

Toni Collette is a very watchable actress as evidenced in movies like 'About a Boy' and 'Little Miss Sunshine', but here she struggled like the rest of the cast. A dialogue driven movie should have good dialogue....and yes I do recognise good dialogue...from 'His Girl Friday' to 'The Sunshine Boys' to 'Sideways' and many more.

James Gandolfini is the only reason I'd give this movie more than a three. In spite of the story-line and script, he manages to transcend those limitations to create a character of warmth and vulnerability.

Another reviewer waxed lyrical about this being a fitting end to James Gandolfini's career.....They're wrong because it wasn't this touchy-feely mess thankfully! His last movie was 'The Drop', an excellent movie and a fitting finale to a fine actor.

Reviewed by supernouni 9 / 10

Adorable & realistic movie

I really connected with this movie. It wasn't about two really hot good looking people in their 20's or 30's. Although I don't have children, as they were part of the plot, can relate to not being attracted to anyone. Lol. It gave you a sense of hope and very realistic about life and how other people's perceptions can affect our relationships. Overall it was surprisingly a feel good movie for me. Very realistic!

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