Endless Bummer


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Vanessa Angel as Brenda
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jtodmfe 2 / 10

Endless stupidity

This movie was not funny at all, in fact it was pretty patethic, you got this teen surfing, happy with his new surfboard, looses it during a wave, he is still paying it off, and someone else steals it from him, he then tells all his friends about the incident and they start searching for the guy who stole it, they manage to track him down, go to his house, he was not there, instead they explained everything to his dad.His dad gives them back the surfing board and they leave....BUT NO THEY STAYED WAITING. behind some bushy plants drinking beer so that when his son arrives they can beat him up...WOW, so they confront him again this time with his son, and his dad tells them you can either call the cops about this stupid incident he didn't say stupid but that what it is, or you have the permission to strike at my son 3 times. WOW. then something really dumb happens which is a waste of time explaining, to make this long patethic story short they got the board, and they are happy and guess what? the board falls out from the back of the cars open bonnet, they get out of the car to pick it up, and guess what? another car comes their direction and breaks it..SO ORIGINAL, and then you just see the teens and the guy who lost and got his board broken, describing how they got on in their later stages in life. example having kids and stuff. BOOOOOOOOORING

Reviewed by 7 / 10

Take it for what it is

Take this movie for what it is. A snapshot of what life was like in the 80's in a suburban Southern California beach community. The correct approach is to soak up the feeling it evokes not rip the plot up. The plot isn't the point. Granted, it may not be a period piece many are interested in but it is accurate depiction of lower middle class life was like at that time with a lot of silliness mixed in. These are kids from single-family non-attentive households, not aspiring to anything beyond they know outside their little universe of beaches, girls and recreational drugs. It also shows how a gang mentality begins. These surfer kids were each others family and were very territorial. In this case a kid from the "Valley" (San Fernando Valley) was trespassing and stole one of the local kid's surfboards triggering a manhunt to retrieve it. No plan, no strategy, no thinking three steps ahead. In other words exactly how teenagers behave and think. It's lucky they were able to film in a place that basically hasn't changed in 20 years.

Reviewed by phrixion 6 / 10

Based on real people of the 60s and 70s so it's cool but ouch...

I ran across this feature and live in Ventura so I wanted to see what it was all about. After watching it initially I was kind of disappointed. It is a typical low budget National Lampoons feature that fell short... but I did a little more research and found most of the characters are real life Venturians that moved and lived in the heyday of surfing and skating in this blue collar surf town, mostly in downtown/midtown near Pierpont.

Mike Mooney, Sparks, Lardo, and others were caricatures of the real people. It turns out Mike Mooney is a fixture in town and still shapes boards and that Sparks, where the story eludes to him riding his last wave at 25, took his own life when he was 25.

Here is the article: http://www.vcreporter.com/cms/story/detail/the_way_we_were/7014/

It was fun to see all the local shops and spots, even though most of it was shot on Sea Street near the surf shot and down in the Pierpont condos.

I wish it could have been a sweeter film, more nostalgic and period piece and coming of age film rather than trying to force it into a shallow comedy and dramatic formula. However it was funny to hear people called southies (from LA and The Valley)...

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