End of a Gun


Action / Crime / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 5 / 10

Cookie cutter, but not the worst Seagal's done

END OF A GUN is another cookie cutter DTV thriller for ageing action star Steven Seagal, doubled in his fight scenes and with his orange-tinted glasses and dyed black goatee beard glued to his face as usual. This one teams the star with his go-to director Keoni Waxman for a cheaper-than-ever story that begins with Seagal rescuing a beautiful young woman from the clutches of an abuser and ends with the usual shoot-out in a warehouse. In between you get the typical abruptly-edited fight scenes, unbelievable flirting and romance between Seagal and his 20 year old beautiful love interest, and stock bad guys.

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 4 / 10

Trouble always comes along in a long black dress

Steven Seagal plays Michael Decker, an ex-DEA agent who was forced out. He claims he is "a ghost" as he drives around Paris. He finds a pretty girl in distressed (Jade Ewen) and gets involved in a highly improbable situation. He kills a guy in self defense who deals meth from Texas... seriously, I can make meth in my kitchen from stuff I can find in a dumpster, and they get it from Texas. There was some money involved and the bad guys arrive in Paris from Texas before Seagal can have sex and drive across town. The scene I liked best was when Seagal walks toward a parking lot window about 3-4 stories high with a concrete wall, the next thing you see is Seagal's back as his comes throw the window feet first. Did they make this to be funny or were they clueless on how it would look? Seagal comes out with some good lines...for Seagal anyway. He did some monologues. The title has nothing to do with gun control. Steven has a couple of physical fight scenes. The first one he barely has to move and the one at the end it looks like they sped up the film and did a cut away. Either way he moved more than in recent films.

Guide: F-word. Was that sex? No nudity

Reviewed by nikola17 5 / 10

not a great or fun seagal flick but it's just worth watching if you a fan of seagal

well only for seagal fans it's not really much of a action flick not much of action i mean you have seagal does his own fight scenes you have him in action still but movie is like more of crime not thriller but less drama little more action or heist film but movie is alright i should say noting like confusing seagal film code of honor A former DEA agent Decker (Steven Seagal) strikes a deal to help a mysterious and seductive woman Lisa Durant (Jade Ewen) steal $2 million from a sadistic drug lord. after Decker killed Lisa boyfriend who was abuse Lisa after he saved her life. Lisa wants Decker help to find 2 million dollars.(Florin Piersic Jr)Gage is main villain is after Decker and Lisa because they are after them for money i thought villains are lame noting to them and film is filmed in Paris France, and yes seagal does his action of movie like he goes to car park area the money is locked in car he knock's out couple security guards fighting them out steals money and Villains another guys wearing useless bad glasses Luc (Jonathan Rosenthal) and Pee Wee (Alexandre Nguyen) are bad useless villain are noting there characters and also co-scenarist (Chuck Hustmyre) are after Lisa and Decker for money that's all there's not much to say about this movie not much action just little more talking and talking in this movie why it's a B-Class film the story is like that plain and simple too simple story. Keoni Waxman is a DTV director that knows how to shoot action, he knows how to get the best out of Seagal. he has been working with Seagal since longtime The Keeper, Dangerous Man, True Justice TV Series 8 Episodes, Maximum Conviction,Force of Execution, A Good Man, Mercenary: Absolution, Cartels AKA Killing Salazar, end of gun, contact to kill worked with him dozen of times i am guessing Kenoi Waxman really loves working with seagal i don't mind that at all i love Keoni Waxman he has worked with Steve Austin Hunt to Kill and Dolph Lundgren in Sweepers. but i can see Kenoi waxman has very good chemistry with seagal. this movie 5.10 it's not a full on action film like all another's it's hard to explain to what it is sorry i can't say it's a thriller or drama noting maybe more of Heist film less action to it is a good film. noting wrong it Jade Ewen she is OK actress she is beautiful actress pretty women that's how i should say but not a Oscar nominations award winner. it's really worth watching only if your a seagal fan i mean i loved his work of his old staff vs DTV staff his DTV is alright but not the best apart from Pistol Whipped, Ubarn Justice, Driven to kill aka Ruslan, True Justice, Born to Raise Hell, A Dangerous Man, A Good Man are really good in my opinion this movie is not much action but it is really worth it for seagal film.

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