End of a Gun


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by John Ott 4 / 10

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Seagal made some pretty good movies back in the day, but now he seems out of his element and past his prime. It reminds me of John Wayne playing Attila the Hun, no matter what he played he was always John Wayne. Seagal's style of "speak softly and carry a big stick" works in some venues but it has become his trademark and it's getting old. His constant whispering of dialogue seems so out of place with the gangsta slang he uses. He mumbles his words without any emotion whatsoever. I just don't believe the types of characters he portrays would be so soft spoken and philosophical. He really needs to find a script that is written just for him and his style of acting. The action, when available, are his typical Aikido moves. The script is sort of a rehash and compilation of other similar action movies. Nothing new or striking. It's a movie you could turn off halfway through and forget about.

Reviewed by carbogh-831-484618 1 / 10

Just when you think Seagal can't go any cheaper

Of all the former action stars (Van Damme, Lundgren, Schwarzenegger) Steven Seagal has had the most pathetic decline. While it is true that Lundgrens movies are filmed at a lower budget, at least Lundgren is in shape and is actually emotionally present in his movies.

Seagal hasn't given a f*** about his movies in the past 15 years. And this one is no different. There are few fight scenes, and the few there are, are so horrible and cheap. Seagal just touches their arms and they fall down. Not even his body double does much movements this time. The shoot outs are slow and just look awkward. Seagal just mainly sits down in this movie and mumbles something about honor, the past and friendships.

The movie has a weak attempt at trying to emulate a heist movie, but it fails miserably. The acting from the supporting cast is standard Romanian fare and the female lead is nothing special, and her story arc is garbage, she for no reason does a complete break of her characters logic at the end of the movie.

For some reason there are scenes with a head boss talking on the phone. You never see his face, and his voice is clearly dubbed over. They never return to this character, and it makes no sense whatsoever to have him in this film.

Don't waste your time with this movie

Reviewed by Lewis Paterson 7 / 10

A solid Seagal DTV effort, even if it is paint-by-numbers

It's been nearly 30 years since Seagal made his debut in Above the Law and it's starting to show - Steven's now at the ripe old age of 64. Retirement age, and ironically enough in his latest DTV movie End of a Gun he plays a retired DEA agent - perhaps he's finally accepting his old age?

Anyway, if you're looking at this you should probably know what to expect by Seagal's DTV movies by now. And this movie does exactly that - Seagal wanders himself into trouble with some dangerous criminals, taking no prisoners as he mumbles his way through his lines and flies his fists around to give the bad guys a beating.

Once again, this is another Seagal movie set in Europe, with Paris the setting this time. He seems to have a bit of an obsession with it, although there is noticeably less focus on ogling the local women than there is in his other intercontinental efforts.

The main highlight for me was probably the performance of Jade Ewen - she gave a solid performance in her role as the sneaky but sexy accomplice of Seagal. She's most famous in Britain as the Eurovision entry a number of years ago and a brief spell with the Sugababes...money must be really tight if she's having to flirt with a pension-age Steven Seagal on screen.

Other than that, it's what you've come to expect. The villain is pretty forgettable and generic (and there's another "villain" who the makers seem to forget about by the end of the film?). A couple of bits where Seagal is dubbed, but it's very minor. Keoni Waxman directs, making this his umpteenth collaboration with Seagal - but his projects with Seagal are usually pretty passable DTV efforts, and the trend doesn't change here. The running time is a fairly slim 86 minutes, which I prefer for these kinds of films - all killer, no filler. Make the rides brief and enjoyable.

Seagal has made plenty of poor DTV movies but this isn't one of them - it's one of his better efforts in recent time. Check it out if you're a fan.

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