Empire Records


Action / Comedy / Drama / Music / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 24%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 84%
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Ethan Embry as Mark
Liv Tyler as Corey Mason
Maxwell Caulfield as Rex Manning
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by generationofswine 10 / 10

Time Capsule

Once upon a time there was this magical place called "the record store." It was a place that appeared for many generations following World War II. A place that had a vivid spot in American culture, especially American teenage culture, before we even walked on the moon.

I for one still have cherished memories of piling into a car with my friends, taking the trip out to Tower Records, only to get publicly castrated by the super-hot chick with the pierced nose that worked behind the counter because I brought a copy of the "The Book of Secrets" for my girlfriend.

She forced me to turn around, hold the album high, and announce to the entire store that I was buying Loreena McKennitt.

It was one of the most humiliating moments in my high school career...And you just don't get that level of quality service at Best Buy...let alone Itunes. So occasionally you took a shot in the face for your girlfriend's bad taste...but you also did it in an environment where you were talked into buying Getz and Jobim and a complete collection of Bossa Nova, just because one of the clerks caught you walking through the Jazz section.

"Empire Records" is just like that, it's a time testament to childhood. It's your youth wrapped up into a feature film. It may be a flawed movie, from time to time, but the jokes are there and they are funny. The people that you used to know are all there too.

I can't remember what the hot clerk that made me do the Mummers Dance looked like, but in my minds eye now she looks just like Robin Tunney. James 'Kimo' Wills was the stoner clerk that took me from Pearl Jam to Coltrane in one shopping trip...and if you are out there, whoever did that for me...thank you.

Maybe you were never lucky enough to get a job at the record store, but you still knew some of the clerks very well. You spent your hard earned money there and you can never go home again.

You can never REALLY go home again. Maybe you can head to Rolling Stone, but the staff there are all Millennials and most of their knowledge stops no later than 2006. They are polite to the customers, not surly and hysterical. The Record Stores of today are an empty shell of their former glory...

But you can still watch "Empire Records" you can still go back in time to the day BEFORE the music died...well, before it died again, and, for a little while, pretend you are still living in that time and place where music was played on instruments and people sang without auto-tune.

The movie is like the baseball diamond in "Field of Dreams"...only for audiophiles. What makes it great is that sense of peace in the universe.

For Gen-X to Baby Boomers "Empire Records" reminds us that we were there, and alive, in that little corner of time. Now, twenty-years back, we can watch it with all the warm, glowing, nostalgia it deserves.

Reviewed by RavenGlamDVDCollector 9 / 10

charming little gem

As I sit there watching DVDs, I very often tell myself I'm great at selecting glamorous, likable TV shows, but when it comes to movies... There are so many I watch that just doesn't hit it off with me. TV show characters tend to become friends, a movie is very different, everybody's a stranger, I don't care for them.

Well, happy to say that EMPIRE RECORDS is a big hot hit with me. It's a small production with a lot of heart that beats a lot of much-bigger movies simply because it is likable, with likable characters. And what a treat to see Renée Zellweger during her glory days! And Liv Tyler entering her STEALING BEAUTY phase. A dream cast, with those two going on as if they're in an Aerosmith music video!

Yeah, back then, they weren't big marquee names. Now it is an oddity to see their names so low on the cast list.

Not saying it's perfect. I found the first half to be very promising, with the second half a letdown in many places. There are characters (like Jane) going nowhere, just wasting space. But overall, I can see why there is a board poster so obsessed with it, the dude wrote a self- proposed TV series sequel, and, yes, I would have watched.

I heartily recommend this one. It's fun! And, guys, Liv and Renée are hot! Prima quality eye candy!

Reviewed by baldostuart 1 / 10

This Movie Blows Goats

Such a bad movie that it has forced me to log back into IMDb after an absence of eight years to review it!

This movie is like a time capsule of 90's clichés, and every generic Generation-X character was incredibly annoying. This movie wants so hard to be Malllrats or High Fidelity (yes, I know that movie was a couple of years later) and fails miserably. Even the way they sing in that whiny pop-punk voice irritates me.

Also, why the hell does the guy get away with stealing the money?

In fairness, the movie may be a victim of its age as its now 21 years old, but I can't ever imagined having watched it back in the day and thought it was worth it.

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