Emperor of the North


Action / Adventure / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 80%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 85%
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Keith Carradine as Cigaret
Lance Henriksen as Railroad worker
Lee Marvin as A No. 1
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rodrig58 10 / 10

An excellent film!

The truth is that I have not seen a Robert Aldrich's bad film, but only good and very good films: "Vera Cruz"(1954), "Kiss Me Deadly"(1955), "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?(1962), "The Dirty Dozen"(1967), "The Flight of the Phoenix"(1967), all these delighted with my childhood (except "Vera Cruz", I saw them at least twice). Lee Marvin and Ernest Borgnine are two of the best actors of all time, no comment. In this film they compete for themselves, these are probably their best roles. Marvin's scene with the cop and the stolen turkey is absolutely gorgeous when he tells the cop that the turkey is actually a dog that thinks now that he is a turkey and then Marvin asks the cop to bark. Only for that and it's worth watching. But the whole movie is exceptional. Exceptional is little said! Great is also the scene with the baptism on the river, with Marvin and the young who is sunk, played by actress Diane Dye, who is dressed in a transparent white cloth, and Marvin is staring at her visible boobs.

Reviewed by rsubber 10 / 10

See Lee Marvin's imperial performance...

Emperor of the North is an heroic film. They don't make too many like this one.

If you plan to watch it, do yourself a favor: plan to watch it twice.

Watch it once so you get the picture: a tramp named A No. 1 (Marvin) is a devil-may-care legendary figure in the hobo camps. He teaches a thing or three to the inexperienced Cigaret (Carradine). He challenges the thuggish railroad policeman, Shack (Borgnine), there's a supremely brutal fight on a rolling flatcar, the best 'bo wins, he finally rides Shack's "No. 19" to Portland, and, you guessed it, A No. 1 is the king of the road.

Sounds like a few of the "B" movies you've seen over the years?

All routinely imaginable stuff, but Marvin's imperial performance stirs the imagination.

Watch it again. Watch Mr. Marvin show you everything you ever wanted to know about classic heroism of the spirit. See him surpassing his impoverished circumstances to enjoy a rich life, embracing independence, rugged optimism, casually competent leadership, generous mentoring, and the dauntless strength of a Viking in mortal combat.

Finally, A No. 1 abandons the feckless Cigaret. "You had the juice, kid, but you didn't have the heart!"

A No. 1 rides off, northward, soaring, in high majesty, singing his victory.

American hobo. American hero. Emperor of the North.

Reviewed by Martin Bradley 8 / 10

Minor Aldrich but with much to recommend it.

Ernest Borgnine is the meanest sonofabitch on the railroad and Lee Marvin is the hobo who gives him a hard time riding the rails. The period is the Depression when hobos rode the rails with impunity and it was up to hard-as-nails guys like Ernest to stop them. Robert Aldrich's "Emperor of the North" is one of his male-orientated pictures, displaying a good deal of his signature brutality and while it's a minor work in the Aldrich canon it has much to recommend it; here it's the duel to the death between Marvin and Borgnine who makes for a truly nasty villain and is just one of the reasons why this is such a ridiculously entertaining picture. Nice work too from a young Keith Carradine as a fellow hobo with aspirations to take Marvin's crown as 'Emperor of the North'.

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