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Sarah Bolger as Emelie
Joshua Rush as Jacob
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by elizrug 6 / 10

Not your typical babysitting movie

It was scary from the point-of-view of the parents, thinking about what could be going on at home with your kids when you're out. It raises a lot of questions about how reliable people really are.

Sarah Bolger is good in the role. She made me feel uncomfortable. The kids were amazing. They seemed very natural, as if they weren't acting. Some of the stuff is hard to watch. It's cruel and all I could do was think about how much therapy those kids will need to get over it. The video tape scene made me want to barf.

Some parts are contrived and make absolutely no sense, like the car accident. Why would the boyfriend be willing to kill himself and risk getting caught with a body in the trunk? He could have caused a much less violent accident which would have kept the parents away. That was just stupid.

The ending? What does that mean...that there will be another? I hope not. It's a one-timer.

Reviewed by croydonlion 9 / 10


I have literally just finished watching this film, and I must say I find it to be pretty good. Horror films are very hard to get right these days, and IMDb reviews certainly are not the most kind to the genre in terms of ratings. Emelie has a great plot to it...one that is original, and exciting. I would have said it was more of a thriller then a horror film, but it had a few good scary moments. Throughout the film, you are always kept on your toes, and I was gripped to my seat. Deffinately worth a watch, if your into decent modern horror films.

Reviewed by ritas_kadards 1 / 10

Waste of time

So slow, so bad. The concept sounds good but fail to execute. The babysitter acting was not good. Very boring, put me to sleep.

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