Elvis Lives!


Action / Biography / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thephantomgoddess 1 / 10

if your a big fan of Elvis, avoid this movie at all costs.

So i stumbled on this movie from a commercial on AXSTv and it looked pretty cool from the commercial. The story seemed very cool, the characters had a somewhat unique personality and the music was good. But, come the movie premiere, it was nothing like the commercial. the story was like a real stupid and cheesy version of Law and Order mixed with The X Files. the characters were also really stupid i mean the Elvis in the movie looked NOTHING like the original Elvis, HE Didn't EVEN CHANGE HIS OUTFIT! even the marriage proposal in the movie was trash. who proposes in bed before you go to sleep? that is just awkward and a sign that the so called "Elvis" was drunk. But seriously, if you are a fan of Elvis like me and my family is, i advise you to avoid this movie at all costs. it is just trashy and just a movie about the theory that Elvis is still alive. just don't watch it.

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