Elsa & Fred


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 32%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 51%
IMDb Rating 6.5 10 2574


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Marcia Gay Harden as Lydia Barcroft
James Brolin as Max Hayes
Shirley MacLaine as Elsa Hayes
Christopher Plummer as Fred Barcroft
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kyliem11 3 / 10


Maybe parts for older actors are a bit more difficult to come by, but why two great performers like Shirley MacLaine and Christopher Plummer agreed to appear in such dross is beyond me. Clearly, given this currently has a rating of 6.5 on IMDb, not everyone agrees with me, now I am not the biggest rom-com fan around, so this starts at a bit of a disadvantage, but give me a descent one and I am more than happy to watch it and give a higher rating if merited.

For a start it's listed as a comedy, one little snigger is all I found throughout. The music is just awful, the story is very predictable, it's pretty bad all round.

The stars do, at least, try to give it a go but even the true romantics out there may find it hard to find anything to shout about here.

Reviewed by HotToastyRag 2 / 10

Pretty lousy

I was so looking forward to this movie, but halfway through it, I actually considered turning it off. In general, I really like the "old folks get a second chance at love" movies, but this one really fell flat.

A lonely widower and a kooky, slightly older vivacious woman hit it off. Newly Oscar-ed Christopher Plummer and an always delightful Shirley MacLaine—what could go wrong? The bad news: the plot went wrong. The good news: there was nothing wrong with the veteran actors' performances.

If you're a hopeless fan of either actor, you'll probably end up seeing this one. After all, I did. But it's really not very good. Christopher Plummer's character just doesn't make any sense; he's cranky, he's hopeful, he's lusting after his maid, he's in love with Shirley MacLaine, he couldn't care less about Shirley MacLaine, he's capable, he's getting senile—See what I mean? And Shirley MacLaine's character is one feather shy of a loon. She's grandiose and full of life, and for absolutely no fathomable reason other than "new blood" she pursues her neighbor. She recreates the classic fountain scene from La Dolce Vita and expects the fuddy-duddy to break free of his shell and join in her eccentric behavior, when he's made it perfectly clear he has no such intention. I struggled to understand her character as well, and let me tell you, when you're battling confusion from both leads and boredom from the plot, it's not very fun.

Reviewed by marfrie56 9 / 10

Adored it

What can I say? I adored it. Anyone that dislikes sentimentality in movies will hate this - therefore I loved it! The scene in Rome is remarkably beautiful - as are many other moments in this wonderful movie. You kiddies out there who think that Shirley MacLain looks too old and her part should have been recast - screw you. She is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. She has been a heartthrob for me since we were both young. It's great to see her still beautiful (in my eyes anyway) and her terrific acting talents are on display here as well. Christopher Plummer is another huge PLUS in this movie. To watch these great stars on the screen, in parts befitting their, well..advanced ages - and not "younged down" for general audiences who don't understand what getting...mature - is all about - well, I really appreciated it from start to finish. Great supporting cast as well. If you're, let's say, under 50 (I'm well over), and get uncomfortable or bored watching it, put it away for a decade (or two or three) or so and then break it out again. You won't get it now, but you will someday. For those who recognize the names of the stars, who have watched them age through the years, and who have a sense of history in their own lives because you've lived through a lot of stages in your life - you will love this movie. I guarantee it!

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