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Scott Adkins as Thomas
James Cosmo as Cooper
Ty Glaser as Stacey
Nick Nevern as Detective Inspector Quinn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Filmwatcher 8 / 10

Action Adkins !!!!

... this one took me back to the days of action flicks with Van Damme, Norris & Seagal back in the 80's & 90's , and i really enjoyed it. No mucking around straight into the story and great action scenes, great little action flick!!!

Reviewed by mrgabor 4 / 10

Filming location and directors weakness

First of all, I really like Mr Adkins and please do not blame him for this film, its not his best. The director is crap, many emotions are overplayed (like the daughter with the girl) and the final battle is boring for me, but we are different... About the filming location, this film is a real fake...It's 80-90% filmed at Budapest, Hungary...There is a true evidence of the Hungarian location, i don't really think in the UK there is a fire extinguisher with the text on it as "Porral Oltó Keszulek" and "keszulek" can be read on the thing in the lift door when it has been used as the bait (in the 31st min as i remember)...just check it...This has filmed south center of Budapest and CGI was the add- ons i think. Just check it. "Tüskecsarnok" can be seen from the "Rákóczi bridge" The film is boring, his worst I have seen so far. But he is looking really good :)

Reviewed by yasiru1991 4 / 10

Boring and Casual !

Story line is very casual and very predictable. No surprises at all.

I was hoping to see some adrenal funneling thriller. But no such scenes were there. Story and scenes clearly lack the hollywood's CIA , FBA or else ex-militia touch and came no where near comparing with them.

Poor direction and Story.

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