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Scott Adkins as Thomas
James Cosmo as Cooper
Ty Glaser as Stacey
Nick Nevern as Detective Inspector Quinn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by yasiru1991 4 / 10

Boring and Casual !

Story line is very casual and very predictable. No surprises at all.

I was hoping to see some adrenal funneling thriller. But no such scenes were there. Story and scenes clearly lack the hollywood's CIA , FBA or else ex-militia touch and came no where near comparing with them.

Poor direction and Story.

Reviewed by Josef Roesler (madwand6) 1 / 10

TRAXGPS tracking?

The whole movie gets a 1 STAR for TRAXGPS tracking. You really think a guy picking up a US federal protector is gonna drive around in a car that can be tracked when they EXPECT this level of resistance? He didn't have a government car waiting for him, like he had a safehouse waiting for him? Other than that, this is a great action flick for stupid people who don't have the capacity for common sense thinking.

Reviewed by Prismark10 4 / 10

A family reunion story

Eliminators is a passable straight to pay TV action film, with some nice fight scenes but the plot is a bit plodding.

Scott Adkins plays a former US agent now relocated to a witness protection programme in the UK along with his daughter. When some inept thugs break into his home, Adkins kills them and is then arrested. When his face is plastered in the news, his cover is blown.

The crime boss he betrayed and just to put the boot in, Adkins also married his daughter wants revenge and wants to be reunited with his granddaughter. He has hired Europe's top hit-man, Stu Bennett (the broad Lancashire accent is thrown in for free.)

Bennett and Adkins face off throughout the film as Adkins tries to get to his daughter before her deranged grandfather does.

The film makes good use of some London locations, Bennett a WWE wrestler actually turns out to be an effective enough villain. The plot is a bit stupid and it needed more action scenes but the budget was only enough for a cheap B movie.

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