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Scott Adkins as Thomas
James Cosmo as Cooper
Ty Glaser as Stacey
Nick Nevern as Detective Inspector Quinn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by idontdodrugs 5 / 10

Solid B-Movie Vibe with Good Action Scenes

So Scott Atkins pretty much always means extraordinary action scenes. Here however, the first five minutes feel more like a gritty drama. Especially the first two minutes with Scott doing his exercises and looking with intense sadness at something made me think this could be something different than the usual stuff he is doing - well nope.

The plot is all over the place. Scott and his movie daughter are apparently in witness protection and some dudes invade his home out of pure stupidity and coincidence. So Scott has to let out his superhero alter ego and brutally murder everyone. Except his daughter of course. Well, since he is all over the news now, he is kind of hunted by the crime boss he was hiding from in witness protection.

Cinematography is actually quite nice. Good camera movement for the nearly exploitative action scenes. Also good editing - you always have an overview what happens, and if you don't, it is intended and enhances suspense a little. The flick uses toned down colors to convey the gritty and realistic feel. In total, I would say the movie is competently shot on a technical level.

The actors...well there is Scott Atkins, who is not known for his acting ability, but for his amazing martial arts. But I think he became quite convincing in the last years. The thing is, he never really has a role that needs his acting chops. It's not different here. Apart from him, there is maybe the main bad guy that is somehow memorable. He does have the physical presence needed, he seems intimidating when he is walking along with his firearms. Acting wise, there is not much happening though.

So in essence, the film could have been better with a more interesting script and maybe more interesting dialogue. Some people die and you should be feeling something, but you don't. That is the fault of the script. It is very bare minimum story as set up for really really good action scenes. So really, good movie for Scott Atkins fans and martial arts enthusiasts. The rest of potential audiences won't get much out of the movie though.

Five out of ten for general movie competence and action scenes.

Reviewed by Malcolm Lusby 1 / 10

Incomprehensibly Bad

I suffered throughout this disaster of a movie right up until the point where, with absolutely no danger presented to his daughter and clearly open shots on both the man and the woman standing IN FRONT of the child (no, there was no gun to the child's head; no knife to her throat; no cliff behind her leaving her precariously balanced and in danger of falling; no poison in her system and only the two villains have the antidote - the kid is on a couch, in the living room, with the two villains presenting no danger - and dad has the drop on the both) - he lowers his gun for some utterly inexplicable reason. I turned it off at that point and really have zero interest in what happens next...

Make no mistake, from the awful opening 1980's "look at my muscles" shots on a Scott Adkins who looks like he's about to make gay porn instead of get dressed for work (in a pseudo Nazi-esque uniform) through to the point above (where I turned it off) this is an utterly dismal movie.

Someone reviewed this travesty and said :"it's Scott Adkins so you can expect lousy acting" - to be honest, I am still waiting for acting that makes it even close to the "lousy" bar.

Add in an inexplicably crap hit-man (trained at MI6 - but about as useful as penis flavored lollypop in a lesbian bar) and the exact same martial arts move over and over again (Oh look - a roundhouse kick..... *yawn*) the only thing left to save this "movie" would have been an intense, lingerie heavy, erotic, girl on girl scene between the female baddie extra and the female goodie social worker extra - but sadly, the closest this trash gets to anything even remotely that exciting is an implication that the female baddie extra shoots the female goodie social worker extra when she's unconscious (you can't see if she actually does because the bad guy is Santa Clausing himself up the stairs and he's about the width of Manhattan ( in a "Santa Claus needs to eat WAY fewer cookies" way not in a "wow - the Rock has really been working out!!" way.))

Avoid. I guarantee you the reviews for the movie are far more entertaining than the movie itself. Worst thing is - the plot has been tried and tested thousands of times - it is SUPER hard to get it wrong. The morons who made this crap succeeded ONLY in achieving that dubious accolade.

Reviewed by Ian 3 / 10

Should have been better

This is a basic action flick but it could and should have been so much better than it is although it would never be great.

Lots of poor and corny dialogue and poor decisions by the good guys. You know the sort of thing - not killing the baddie when you can and letting his escape. Yawn. Also the thing about the goody being shot but then doing martial arts, etc. as if nothing had happened. Thought this had gone out at least two decades ago. Yawn (again). Lots of drawn-out sequences. And plot holes and logic, particularly at the beginning and the end. Oh dear...

And what the title has to do with the story is anyone's guess. Although the producers probably thought it was better than ' A bit of editing could have improved it, but switch off any kind of logical thinking and, if you've nothing better to watch (and preferably if it's on TV), and you like Scott Adkins and his fighty arts, waste an hour and a half on it if you must.

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