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Dominic Purcell as Rick Tyler
Viva Bianca as Jill WIlson
Robert Taylor as Ramrod
Nicholas Hammond as General Thatcher
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bullockrj-83768 1 / 10

Not a thumbs down... I gave it the finger

I would have given this movie a 0/10 if I could. This could be, quite possibly, the worst movie I have ever seen. Just awful. The Character development is horrible and you don't feel anything for them. Very formulaic. As soon as I saw the character "Gillian Wilson", I openly said, she's gonna sleep with the main character... Sure enough. No nudity though.

The scenes are cut just horribly, and changes what we just saw... an example, he his running from the police, with no-one chasing him on foot. The next scene it cuts to, there's a cop right behind him. Another example, they talk about getting into a hospital that is guarded to the teeth and impossible to get to the guy he wants in there... do you see him getting past all these obstacles? Nope (not that you'd really want to). The next scene is him in the hospital room that he was trying to get to. Same goes for when he escapes out of that hospital.

Save your money, even if it's in the dollar store. The DVD is good for 1 thing only, a coaster for your cold drink while you watch another movie. It truly is the worst movie I have ever seen, and that includes "Plan 9 from outer space", except this movie takes itself seriously.

I cannot imagine anyone enjoying this movie. If you see a good review, it was written by someone who has shares in the company.

Reviewed by videorama-759-859391 1 / 10

The real turkey "It's live, it's crap"

First off the bat, I expected much more from this. Remakes tend to be much more glitzy and exciting, especially as far as horrors go, the remake of Straw Dogs, another example. What we have here is one mess of a film, which has heavily borrowed from The Running Man. The team behind the solid Indie crime flick, Redball, are back, where Hewitt, has just slumped lower after that weak sex flop, X. We even have some of the old players from the original. This does move in much different directions as the original, as the horrible Purcell, once part of the CIA, was framed and made to take the fall for slaughtering innocent civilians, women and children. Now a prisoner, he used in a game show, ala Running Man, minus the suspense and thrills. Surviving two stages, the best player, so far, of course, he's sprung from the show, by a former lover, work colleague (the hot Viva Bianca) which furthers the story. Just with Sound Of Music's recent passing of Liesel, (Hammond) who played Frederich, plays Thatcher, here, but with a different character, to that of G.P's Michael Craig, in the original. It's a fine performance, as with many here, (Bianca, McClory, donning a fantastic and polished American accent) except for our clunk head lead. There are a couple of gruesome bits, a head exploding scene, and a suicide one. It ends somewhat similar to that at the end of that 2001 movie, Series 7, but the whole film spells mess, disappointment, and some real crappy photography. The highlights of the film are our two over enthused hosts of our death survival show. Hopefully Hewitt, can one day, return to the kind of film making he did so wonderfully, with his baby, Redball, where here he's almost B grade, ground level.

Reviewed by David Roggenkamp 2 / 10

It had its moments

First things first – this movie centers around a marine; his motive? Serve his country and take out a sovereign nation's dictator. Easier said than done right? He is frames and spends the rest of the movie fighting for his life against other killers – all for the sake of bumping up a show's popularity while he is hunted down and eventually killed. This doesn't happen and instead he seemingly manages to avoid danger and kill off every last one of them. Not only does he manage to save the day, he clears his name and manages to be the ultimate fighting machine.

The plot works easily enough – but it has a few things that are a bit off. For one, we've never had a woman president in our nation's history – this is a huge stretch when they throw it in the movie, even though it looks like a nice nod in that direction. Another girl, a more prominent member of the military and of higher rank is also present – this is uncommon and also a stretch of the imagination – it is obvious she is here purely as eye candy. The movie is non-stop action, but the overall sequence of scenes often doesn't make sense – despite the movie's pacing being consistent throughout. In one scene we're following with typical movie theatrics, but then we're in the middle of a reality television show with blurbs on the current progress of the main protagonist; it is further thrown into disarray by throwing in numerous angles via security cameras. This is surely a novel concept – the new Robocop did it, but it made far more sense in that movie, here it just looks redundant.

The movie is good if you need to kill some time, and it is surely better than many 'bad' movies out there. What I did like was the included documentary with the 'RedBox' DVD, which I feel does more than the movie set out to accomplish.

Originally posted to Orion Age (http://www.orionphysics.com/? p=9737).

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