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Reviewed by John Doe 3 / 10

Rather boring

It's pretty safe to assume that this was paid for by the Egyptian tourism board. The one hour show plays like a long infomercial, showcasing Egyptian architecture, as a voice-over narrates different facts that have little or nothing to do with what we're seeing.

Sadly, the cameraman and editor made a pretty sloppy effort, and you'll probably catch yourself wondering why the heck they kept a shot of a man looking questioningly into the camera for 10 seconds, or why they constantly cut to pictures that have nothing to do with the voice-over. The disassociated experience makes it seem they haphazardly edited together a bunch of scenes first, and slapped on some music and voice-over.

Seeing the pyramids is always nice, but this film shows nothing you haven't seen on hundreds of travel shows before. The presentation is severely lacking a host who talks to some locals or tries some strange food, and the 3D is utterly wasted.

Reviewed by Stephen Moro 2 / 10

Worst Documentary EVER!

Its hard to understand how anyone could have made something so badly! Horrible Horrible camera-work!

It seems that a script was written up.... then they sent a "Egyptian News Cameraman" out with a list of places to get shots - then they pasted whatever shots they could loosely to the script - but the shots don't match the narration - and they also don't have enough shots - so they keep repeating the same shots over again - and hold shots for 2-3 times longer than they should as they don't have enough material! Its trying to show how amazing Egypt is.... but all it really does is show the poverty in Egypt.... and bad camera and edit skills!

One of the worst attempts at documentary film making I've ever seen!

Reviewed by hogtownhasher 1 / 10

Can we have a fact checker please??

Wow, if I had the money to create a one hour documentary about Egypt, I would throw a couple bucks in the direction of a fact checker.

a couple glaring mistakes were when the narrator said that the Red Pyramid was over 600 feet tall, and that the Great Pyramid was only 350 feet tall. He also missed the building of St. Catherine's Monastery by 1000 years when he incorrectly stated that it was built around 500 BC, (500 years before Christianity).

Other problems with the doc was that the audio and video weren't always in sync. In places the narrator was talking about the Temple of Karnak while the video was showing the temple of Luxor. In another spot the narrator refers to the inscriptions on the walls of the pyramid of Titi, while looking at something else entirely.

Awful, awful production.

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