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Reviewed by capone666 6 / 10

The Vidiot Reviews...


The upside to being on TV 24/7 is that you can watch reruns to find your misplaced keys.

Conversely, as this comedy confirms, live streaming can cost you your family.

To boast ratings, producer Cynthia (Ellen DeGeneres) proposes following around blue-collar Ed (Matthew McConaughey) with a camera.

While the first episodes flop, once Ed's family (Woody Harrelson, Martin Landau, Sally Kirkland) is introduced viewership goes up. But when a romance starts blossoming between Ed and his brother's girlfriend (Jenna Elfman), Cynthia introduces a supermodel (Elizabeth Hurley) to up the ante.

Spawned from late 21st Century paranoia over the threat of reality TV, this 1999 satire based on a French-Canadian film and directed by Ron Howard doesn't delve deep enough in to the technology it is trying to lampoon to make it funny or memorable.

Besides, if people really wanted to watch others all-day then human zoos would be more popular.

Yellow Light


Reviewed by wes-connors 5 / 10

What's It All About, Ed?

Texas home video store clerk Matthew McConaughey (as Ed Pekurny) attracts the attention of "True TV" producer Ellen DeGeneres (as Cynthia Topping). She wants to star Mr. McConaughey in a 24-hour reality show. At first, big executive Rob Reiner (as Whitaker) seems reluctant, but Ms. DeGeneres is a persuading advocate for "Ed TV". The TV show is a huge hit, as you may have guessed. The cameras capture McConaughey when he wakes up reaching for himself in sweatpants, and throughout his days. Release forms are signed by McConaughey's friends and relatives. Most often seen are worked-out older brother Woody Harrelson (as Ray) and UPS truck driver girlfriend Jenna Elfman (as Shari)...

Everyone loves "Ed" but me. Look at all the fans. All ages, classes, regions, races, creeds, colors and gender preferences are portrayed as avid "Ed" supporters. Granted, McConaughey is a good looking man, but what is his character's appeal? He and his morning "chubby" are a bore. His romantic comedy adventures are not fun or funny. We could see Howard Beale's appeal in "Network" (1976) and get "The Truman Show" (1998). Now, perhaps director Ron Howard and the writers are making a point about US television viewers. If so, the years have proved them accurate.

"Ed" may intentionally be made a "common man." That's fine, but it still lacks a satirical bite...

If you're interested in "movie, movie" making, "Ed TV" has an added interest in that it is a movie about motion pictures (albeit television). The production values are very high, with outstanding cinematography by John Schwartzman. The lighting technicians are especially skillful. Many scenes feature incredibly artful lighting. On televisions in the movie, the visuals are less than lackluster...

Long-time followers of Mr. Howard will see his old "Happy Days" pal Donny Most in a minor role. Among the others is the director's brother Clint Howard. For some reason, the camera zooms in on Clint's hair transplant. By the way, we're shown a close-up of McConaughey clipping his toenails, but have no idea how he maintains that perfectly maintained stubble. Veterans Sally Kirkland and Martin Landau are Ed's parents. They do a fine job, and Harrelson is more than convincing as the brother. In fact, Woody looks like Matt's brother. Semi-sexual attraction includes the brothers appearing half-dressed and an arousing woman in thong. Beating all is Elizabeth Hurley (as Jill), who radiates sex...

So, maybe "Ed TV" was about watching him have sex, all along. If so, you won't learn or see much.

***** Ed TV (1999-03-26) Ron Howard ~ Matthew McConaughey, Jenna Elfman, Woody Harrelson, Ellen DeGeneres

Reviewed by Python Hyena 8 / 10

No Truman Show but Still Worth Tuning Into.

Ed-T.V. (1999): Dir: Ron Howard / Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Jenna Elfman, Woody Harrelson, Ellen DeGeneres, Martin Landau: Similar to The Truman Show that involves the hero's life to the public. The difference is that Ed is aware of the cameras while Truman must discover it for himself. Another difference is that Ed-T.V seems to address ordinary habits often performed in private. When a TV station receives low ratings, Ellen DeGeneres suggests placing someone's life on T.V. Matthew McConaughey plays ordinary video store clerk Ed. Woody Harrelson plays his brother who wishes to open a gym but is caught on camera with a naked woman. His girlfriend Jenna Elfman detests this and starts dating Ed but she hates the cameras. Insightful directing by Ron Howard who previously made Apollo 13. Terrific performance by McConaughey who plays off the ordinary guy. Jenna Elfman plays his girlfriend who grows frustrated with being rated by the media as Ed's girlfriend. This all pretty much ends with predictable results much like prime time television. Harrelson plays the brother jealous of Ed's success and oblivious to his own failures. DeGeneres counters standard material by solving the plot problem. Martin Landau plays Ed's stepfather whom Ed has a good relationship with. Interesting take on celebrity life capitalizing on The Truman Show. Score: 8 / 10

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