Edge of Seventeen


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Wendy Godsend 3 / 10

Lackluster, but may be relatable or at least enjoyable for some young gay men.

I was very prepared to like this movie a lot, given all the raving reviews. I left the film feeling like I'd eavesdropped on several gay teenagers gossiping about sex.

Eric's irrelevant friendship and oddly specific boy drama in his personal life dominate the screen rather than addressing the finding and accepting of sexuality in a coming-of-age. I saw no redeeming qualities nor realism in the boys' relationship. It was an entire film's worth of meaningless, cheesy scenes between these two boys who hardly even knew each other, absent of chemistry, sentimentality or even friendship. I found it hard to imagine why they liked one another, and even harder to like either myself.

Eric is used for sexual pleasure by numerous other boys, made fun of by the kids at school and loses his best friend. He's provided absolutely no glimmer of hope by the end; no silver lining, no promise that he finds contentment in himself or acceptance in his peers and family.

Chris Stafford and Andersen Gabrych's performances were lackluster, unconvincing, and amateur, failing to save an already-sinking ship.

I'm giving Edge of Seventeen four stars because I think young gay men may feel at least somewhat represented in their struggles, and I believe that is still important to consider. It isn't, by any means, a worthwhile movie if you're out of the rampantly hormonal age.

Reviewed by filmalamosa 1 / 10

an incidentally homosexual character please

The story seemed very choppy....I apparently completely missed the part about going to NYU...(since when was that an academic status symbol??) The main character starts to wear mascara dye his hair 4 colors and imitate I think David Bowie.

Then there is the inevitable scene I dread in coming out movies where a young female love interest is told and is devastated usually in an understated suffering way. All of the hurt female love interest stuff and suffering parents is like torture for a gay male....who needs it?

I honestly don't know why I rent these things, I know better. A movie like this is mostly boring. Make some movies where gayness is incidental to the plot not central to it and make them with entertaining heroes that would be nice. No rehash of the white picket fence please... nor yuppie marriages between a lawyer and doctor in a tasteful apartment....maybe someone along the lines of James Bond...Now we are talking liberation.

Reviewed by Dr Jacques COULARDEAU 10 / 10

Sublime and powerful

This Film is as simple as it can and should be. The situation is becoming more and more common. A teenager, a junior in his high school, discovers little by little he is attracted to men. He has a girl friend who would like the relation to go all the way, but he does not bring it there which makes him start wondering.

Then he is thrown into the gay world by accident, the way most things happen in life. His first man is a sweet and maybe slightly weak predator, a senior in his high school, and a colleague at his summer workplace. The young junior falls and the senior goes to college in September. Eric will have to live alone with his recollection, his desire and the demand from his mother and society to have a normal life with a girl friend and all the rest that goes along with it. Maggie will play what she still does not know is a game.

Then all that happens is accidental till it becomes a real choice. Later he will run away from a straight party when he is called a queer because he dances in a rather exuberant way. He goes to a gay night club or bar where he meets someone. The next stage later on will be to run after his first male lover and to get it finished physically and emotionally: right through to the end of the physical act and to the final closure of the emotional experience.

Then he will try to go back to a normal straight life and have a night with his girl friend, Maggie. But in the morning he will feel no satisfaction, no fulfillment. He will know then lying is no solution and he will move towards telling his mother and then going back to where he finds his full both physical and emotional nourishment.

The film is then interesting because it describes the slow change that occurs in Eric with total sympathy and even empathy. Eric is living what practically all human beings have lived or deserve living: the slow awakening of desire and search for satisfaction of that desire, the desire to be appealing to someone else, the desire to answer to the ones who are appealing to him, the desire to feel happy and satisfied when he meets with that mutual appeal which is first of all a strong emotion that becomes a passion. Then the physical act is like natural.

This is not typical of gay men, but any man feels that transformation no matter who is the object of the nascent passion. I guess it is also the same thing for women though the film does not insist on the case of the Lesbian friend of Eric's and only shows the deception and frustration of Maggie when she realizes her appeal has been hijacked by Eric.

This film insists on the role of the mother that moves from open hostility to acceptance without the know-how required by such a disquieting situation. If the mother accepts her son's choice, she will have to defend him and it when confronted to the dubitative hostility of other parents, not to speak of the open hostility of other teenagers, some school officials, PTA members, church representatives, etc.

A good film on the problem and necessity to come out as soon as the appeal starts moving in you, though you need a confident, an accomplice, someone who understands and supports you in that transformation. Coming out is hard.


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