Edgar Allan Poe's Lighthouse Keeper


Action / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by GL84 6 / 10

Solid but underwhelming classic ghost story

Shipwrecked on a deserted island, a confused young man finds himself stranded with a reclusive lighthouse keeper who continually dissuades and mocks his belief in a series of visions regarding ghostly figures on the island and tries to ensure that he can leave the island alive.

This here was a decent if uninspiring effort. Among the few positives here is the rather intriguing mystery built up around the island and its ghostly past which runs pretty much throughout the movie. Although it starts off small with the claims of his visions around the area which are immediately laughed off because of his amnesiac condition, it soon turns into a much more ominous tale with the discovery of the woman living in the surrounding woods or the scenes back at the house featuring the shifty behavior running into the lighthouse at night. Despite being initially laughed off as hallucinations, the numerous sightings he has of her around the lighthouse where she keeps on giving him hints of terrible outcomes by falling into the sea or having visions of her wandering through the wilderness gives this a solid enough outing as there's a lot of work done to offer the idea that something is happening on the lighthouse. This gives way into full-blown encounters with the spirits around the area as his carnal experience near the cave that turns into a ghost-swarm holding him down to let her have her way with him, the fantastic discovery of the caves underground or the scene of the zombified sailors coming out to attack him which give this a nice bit of action as well. The rousing finale, where the zombie-like ghosts are finally in action and generate a little bit of activity with the march on the lighthouse and their eventual battle together which is fun with all the sides getting in on everything together which really ends this on a high note. There are a few flaws with this one. One of the main issues to be found here is the film's utterly bland and boring pace, which just drains the life out of the movie with plenty of dragged out moments throughout here. The first half in the lighthouse has absolutely nothing happening here and it all just gives such a state of extended boredom throughout here that the film really struggles to get going during this crucial part of the film. It's also not helped out by the fact that this all features some really bland and dull feeling that covers the interchanges between them as the film's rather low- budget makes these all the more obvious. That, in essence, is the biggest problem with this one as the rather ambitious story doesn't fit the type of presentation here with the cramped, closed-off setting doesn't fit that well with the type of story it goes for here, and manages to just hammer away that the film is too small budgeted to try this since the low quantity of action makes for a dull time overall. There are a few places it can go to and they look quite bad as a result, and it all just screams so low budget that there's little chance of this one offering up much to change that kind of feeling here. It's the biggest crutch against this and is the one main factor to get over in this one.

Rated R: Violence, Language, Brief Nudity and a clothed sex scene.

Reviewed by Rainey Dawn 9 / 10

A Good Throwback Film To The Days Of Classic Horror

I liked this one quite a bit. None really knows what Edgar Allan Poe had in mind for the ending, he died before this story was finished, but I think the filmmakers did an excellent job of finishing the tale.

I have never read this piece of unfinished work by Poe, so I cannot compare. I have Poe's Complete Works but this one, although unfinished, was never added to the collection - I looked today for it in the book.

Worth watching if you like the older style of horror films and/or Edgar Allan Poe's tales. Bravo to the filmmakers for creating a good horror film for today's world... most of them today aren't actually horror but more of a simple gore fest to veg-out for viewing... this film instead works with the viewers mind as good horror should be.


Reviewed by Michael Ledo 6 / 10

The peninsula is a grave and the lighthouse a tombstone.

The film is based on an unfinished work by Edgar Allan Poe and shows similarities to another work. It has been slightly modernized, placing the time frame in the early 20th century, long after Poe had died.

J.P. (Matt O'Neill) washes up on shore of a peninsula that has a lighthouse. His memory has lapsed, but he claims he is on his way to San Francisco and seems to be an engineer. He is cared for by Walsh, the aloft disagreeable lighthouse keeper. Walsh tells J.P. he must keep a light on at all times and that Nora (Rachel Riley) a woman J.P. sees is not real. A swelled river with treacherous rapids keeps the non-swimming J.P. from leaving...and the phone doesn't work. Strange things happen when the lights go out and with Nora. We get an explanation about an hour into the film. Note the small photo of Poe on the mantle about that same time.

The few CG effects were not good. Maybe some stock footage of a boat near shore Wood (sic) have worked better. Never got into the characters as the plot mystery outweighed all else. Walsh was able to spout grim metaphors, as some of the language appears to come from Poe, while Nora's language appears more modern. Once the mystery is solved, the film becomes grossly anti-climatic.

Guide: No swearing. No nudity. One sex scene.

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