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Jamie Chung as Eden
Matt O'Leary as Vaughan
Beau Bridges as Bob Gault
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ed-Shullivan 6 / 10

Thank you for not sensationalizing the plight of the human sex traffic trade

Some viewers would say the film was weak on portraying how the human sex traffic trade takes full advantage of unsuspecting teenagers (boys as well as girls) by scooping them off the street due to these teenagers own ignorance to the extent of the sex traffic trade, and/or more likely by raising these teenagers self worth, albeit temporarily, until the pimps have full control of them.

Whether or not this film is loosely based on a true story of a young South Korean girl named Chong Kim should not be what the majority of the films audience should be focused on, nor the disappointment that a movie that is based on the illegal sex trafficking lacks any gratuitous x-rated sex scenes. Instead what the viewers like myself absorbed from Miss Chong Kim's ordeal is we need to do a better job as a nation in realizing how extensive the sex trafficking trade really is, and what we all can do to stop it.

Firstly, there would be no sex trafficking in North America if there was no demand for the supply of teenage girls (and boys). In this film actor Beau Bridges does more than an adequate job as the corrupt law enforcement officer Bob Gault. Some of the other reviews commented that this is not realistic that a law enforcement officer would be a leader in the sex trafficking ring, but every year law enforcement officers across North America are found guilty of many criminal offences and the important "breach of trust" crime.

Actress Jamie Chung who plays the young teenage female victim Eden (with braces on her teeth), who was easily duped by a young man in uniform to foolishly feel safe enough to take a ride in his car and then she was quickly moved into the sex trade is a wake up call for all teenagers. The key message being there are many wolves in sheep's clothing and we as a nation have to be more engaged in stopping this corrupt criminal behaviour. Of course the actress Jamie Chung was taller, thinner, with a buff body than the shorter and heavier real life Chong Kim. I felt Jamie Chung did a great job in portraying the real life Chong Kim and how the victim had to adjust to a life in the sex traffic trade over the years she was imprisoned.

I would also suggest to those critical viewers who scoffed that the dozens of teenage girls who were imprisoned under lock and behind gates in a storage locker as being unrealistic, lets be clear, regardless of where these teenage girls were being housed when they were not working on their backs or knees lets just agree that they were not living the life of a socialite like Paris Hilton, or as a madam like Heidi Fleiss. No I am quite sure that the teenage girls who are really imprisoned by pimps and actively (today and tomorrow) engaged in the sex traffic trade are living in squalor, eating poorly, and have absolutely no life or ambition to speak of.

I thought the director/co-writer Megan Griffiths did an admirable job of finely balancing the need to NOT over sensationalize the graphic sexual plight of these young teenage girls, but instead emphasize how young women need to appreciate how easily it is to find themselves victims if they do not pay a lot more attention to the wrong type of people who could easily over power them if they are not a lot more careful as to who they choose to socialize or even be in the wrong place (like a bar, a public park late at night, or a pool hall) at the wrong time.

This is a clean enough film that I would suggest parents of all young teenage girls as well as teenage boys should watch as a learning tool. This is real life sex trafficking that we should not ignore, but we should be doing a lot more to prevent. I give the film a fair 6 out of 10 rating for "lessons learned".

Reviewed by a_baron 3 / 10


How to describe this film? A sick fantasy about the modern day white slave trade, except the girls come in a variety of different colours. Eden is the daughter of Korean parents; she is kidnapped from a bar, transported to a remote secret prison, and schooled to be a prostitute. Prostitution is a voluntary act, so this is actually rape, but as the "johns" appear not to know the score it is her gaolers rather than them who are the rapists.

What else do we have? If an organisation like this could exist in modern day America, it would require some inside men; here we have one corrupt law enforcement official, who early on murders two men in cold blood, one of them a fellow deputy. Eden is spirited, but after a failed escape attempt decides to throw in her lot with one of her captors, or does she? No, it is obvious she is only biding her time; best not to wait too long though, because an hour into the film her predecessor, Svetlana, is sleeping with the fishes.

Reviewed by Poptart_Psycho 6 / 10

Raw subject executed well

There was controversy over this movie, not for the storyline but for the fact of if its real its claimed to be based on real life events but trying to do research comes up with dead ends. Regardless of this the film was well executed.

Jamie Chung plays Jae a young Korean-American in New Mexico in 1994. She obtains a fake ID for a night out with her friend. At the club she meets a handsome man who appears to be in uniform. Feeling safe she leaves with him but within minutes is abducted. Woken up in a warehouse full of beds and separate rooms in what looks to be a well looked after establishment but turns out to be a forced prostitution ring. Lead by a volatile crystal meth addict Vaughn the women are forced to go to bars, clubs and houses to work. A year has passed Jae is now called Eden and has realised the only way to escape is work with them. And of course perseverance pays off Eden is lucky and the final scene captures the movie of a phone call to her mother An underrated film on a very troubled issue in todays society

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