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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Kyflie 1 / 10

Almost the worst film I've ever seen

The only good thing I can tell about this film, that it has an interesting plot. Sadly, that's all. The acting is so poor, the props are trash, and did I just hear the cameraman's footsteps? Some scenes are very amateur, like it was filmed only once, and nobody cared about the quality. And back to the plot. Actually, I really liked the main idea, it seemed very mysterious...and, it still is, because there are no further information about those masked men. Well, I think it was so awful I nearly enjoyed it!

Fun fact: I wanted to watch an another movie with the same title, accidentally opened this.

Reviewed by steveaustinrp-60356 3 / 10

god help me **spoiler**

May contain a few spoilers I was kinda excited about this film then I started watching it.. A group of friends are at a rest stop next thing you know the one girl ends up missing,they set out to find her and confronts a so called ruthless hardcore biker gang that is dressed awful and reminds you of a local rock group. They finally leave the rock group and end up in a abandoned town..

As they we're driving to the abandoned town the talking of these actors are just horrible and too calm about the situation but the masked men they run into are actually awesome and that's when things begin to get a little better because they start knocking off these hideous actors! I would suggest not to watch this film unless your bored out of your mind and nothing else is left to watch.

Reviewed by xxmrsqueenxx-92-157965 1 / 10

Well, Well, Well...

I wanted to turn it off from the start but stopped myself from doing so because I wanted to see what happened. I wanted to know what they were. From the title I just assumed they were zombies or something, but I was wrong. The story line is the same story that we have been seeing and hearing for years. I sit here all of the time wondering when they are going to come up with new ideas. They keep making the same boring stuff over and over and over again. *yawn* Anyway, the acting was so bad that I wonder if they even know how off key and bad they actually sound when they are saying their lines. Honestly, I don't know what was worse, the boring over used story line, the bad acting or the biker dude's ugly fake hair. Oh well, if you want a good movie, this isn't it. If you want to waste some time, this is the movie for you. Bad, just bad.

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