Eat Pray Love


Action / Drama / Romance

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Julia Roberts as Liz Gilbert
James Franco as David Piccolo
Javier Bardem as Felipe
Viola Davis as Delia Shiraz
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jeannel2003-618-511281 1 / 10

Narcissism on Steroids

I didn't read Elizabeth Gilbert's autobiographical book on which this movie is based (and I'm not sure I want to after viewing this movie, although I'm sure the book is wittier and more inspiring), but even reading the New York Times book review I can see that the movie missed the boat. As such, Julia Roberts plays a character who takes the prize for being a world class narcissist. A more self-centered heroine would be hard to find. After asking her heartbroken husband, played by Billy Crudup, for a divorce because she is not happy and needs to find herself, she jumps into an affair a struggling actor, whom she leaves as soon as her divorce becomes final and she is free to travel to Italy, India and Bali, to spend a year trying to sort out her id. I do not recall the movie making clear how she can financially afford to do so (she forfeits everything to her husband in exchange for the divorce), but elsewhere I read that Ms. Gilbert obtained an advance from her publisher to write a book based on her experiences eating, praying and loving for the year.

In the movie, Liz eats her way through Italy, struggles with meditation in India -- where she meets the most obnoxious, arrogant fellow traveler, played by Richard Jenkins, who browbeats her until she learns to cherish him as a friend -- then moves on to Bali where she falls in love and literally sails off into the sunset with him.

Throughout this tedious film, Liz's actions seem to reflect the influence of the person or persons with whom she has been with most recently; she doesn't seem to have a mind of her own, or heart, for that matter. The only spark of humanity that we see in Liz is when she emails her friends asking them to pass on getting her a birthday present and instead send month to help a divorced woman in Bali to afford a house for her and her young daughter; apparently divorced women in Bali have a rank slightly higher than dogs (nice place).

I've experienced the charms of Italy--its wonderful scenery and food, and somewhat insane men--and don't need this movie to entice me; however, I might be put off India and Bali as a result of seeing this movie. One could argue that it is always a pleasure to watch Julia Roberts, Javier Bardem and Billy Crudup, who blessedly all played themselves and not their miserable characters, none of which I would ever want to meet.

Is there a woman -- or man -- who would not love to chuck it all for a year and travel the globe in search of self-discovery? Most of us cannot do this because we have responsibilities and loyalties and are not financially independent. This drab story fails to connect on any level except for pointless self-indulgence. Instead, treat yourself to dinner at a nice Italian restaurant, dab on a little Shalimar and watch Gone With The Wind, a truly romantic epic with a narcissistic heroine who is interesting.

Reviewed by ndaaunhi 10 / 10

At some moments of your life, this story will embrace you!

I've never written a review before because either my thoughts are same as some already reviews out there or i didn't think what i want to say would interest others because it's personal (wether positive/negative). But observing the controversy about this surely controversial film, i think i should give an opinion... I didn't read the book but i'm gonna right now! I will never get why some really good movies are so low rated and vice-versa, i guess we all agree depends on each single individual's point of view, opinion, experiences, thoughts etc. So i wouldn't say that you'll be convinced, just see it for yourself, no matter how you'll think of it later, it's still a worth a watch!

This movie is by far one of the most soulful and meaningful movies i've ever seen, if the movie is so, the book is going to be so super fantastic (always found books better than movies)!!!

I do respect other points of view, at some point earlier in life i wouldn't stand this movie i remembered one time seeing on it TV i watched for 15mins so boring so i just disreguardly switched channel. Now in a other phase of my life i could understand more and relate more let alone find a part of me in this woman and i think you might too. The same way as you'd read a book, hate it but long time later read it again, and feels like you rediscovering it and you change your mind. I'm telling you it might not the best movie in the world but one day you'll see something else, and that will be the real meaning of this movie. This movie makes you think, makes you have reflections. It's dramatic and peaceful at the same time, it's joyful and hurtful, it's fun and sad, you'll feel closed and far to the protagonist, this movie is not only a voyage of the world but a voyage within yourself. You'll question yourself, that's the whole point of it, makes you wonders about your own life. I never saw the point of watching a movie if nothing comes out of it but just pleasure. As they say, we never know what happens in someone's head: this woman is lost, is confused, is desperate, you can't see that but if you focus, you'll feel it. Sure she has everything to be happy but who said that having everything is the definition of happiness? In other words, how can you be happy when you have everything but your truth? Understand her and try to empathize as you would do in real life and you will reveal for yourself what this autobiography is really all about.

Reviewed by stewartstud 10 / 10

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