East of Eden


Action / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 88%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 90%
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James Dean as Cal Trask
Burl Ives as Sam the Sheriff
Lois Smith as Anne
Richard Davalos as Aron Trask
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Vonia 5 / 10

Some say Dean made this film, I say he maimed it.

East of Eden (1955)

Supporting cast reigns, Affecting yet heartening, Based on a Steinbeck, Modernized Cain and Abel. Alas, James Dean overacts.

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Reviewed by yawael 9 / 10

Dean's Best Performance

The story talks about two brothers living with there father, and their father is almost the perfect man that can you see, but his biggest problem is that he loves one of his sons more than the other, and that's because he never understand him. And that Affects Cal ( Dean ) very much because no matter what he did he just can't win his father love, he feels that he is the unwanted son.

James Dean delivered one of his best performances ever to the big screen, and for me among his three films this was his finest and that's because of the brilliant guide by Elia Kazan, now don't get me wrong Dean was a great actor and had a great talent but when you have a great director like Kazan you will bring the best of you, take a quick look at Kazan movies you can see that any actor who worked with him took an Oscar nomination.

Dean really gave us an unforgettable performance of a complicated guy that no one could performance it, he stole almost every scene he was in, and who could forget the way he is looking with eyes full of tears after his father refused to take his birthday present. and the unforgettable ending which is full of love and forgiveness.

Alongside dean there was a great cast most best of them was the talented Julie Harris and i really can't think of this film without remembering Harris Character which had a very sad childhood just as Cal's life.

Reviewed by tylergee005 4 / 10

A very unsubstantial let down for me

I went into this film last night with high hopes, leading only to disappointment. This is my first film I've seen with James Dean, and I think this was the first disappointment. I've always been confused about the significance of "method acting", because every time I see it, it's too obvious. I see exactly what they're doing, and it's really not convincing. It's more melodramatic and campy regardless, and it really showed with Dean in this picture. The over the top acting took me out of the picture, and I felt that I never really got back in. I felt like everyone was a stranger to me, and that we never got to know them.

Also, the story had many points of interest, that went no where, or was wrapped up too quickly to be satisfying. For instance, I liked the dynamic of the beans market, and Cal trying to get this investment going, but, it sort of just... happened. Also there's a scene where the other brother is clearly against the war, and thinks it's immoral, but there's no real reason or explanation as to why. I guess it's just supposed to be accepted since he's a good kid? But then later he's upset, and decides to just join the military anyways, so he just gets upset, and is okay with killing now?

This movie suffered from both sides of the story. I felt it was too short for the story that could have been better fleshed out, but too long for the one it told. It felt constantly dragged out, which could have been resolved with a longer runtime. Overall the story isn't as interesting as I'd hoped, and the acting from Dean was too obvious and campy. Perhaps it's worth watching if you like seeing James or if it's been on your list for a while, otherwise, there are better movies to waste time with.

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