Dylan Dog: Dead of Night


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Reviewed by Scarecrow-88 3 / 10

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

How can a movie that has zombies, werewolves, vampires, and a giant demonic creature named Belial be so freakin' boring?!?! Brandon Routh is as dull as the movie, portraying handsome human hero, Dylan, chosen by the monsters to service their need to keep the peace (yes, a human as peace maker for all the monsters, I laughed a lot at this idea) between True Bloods (the vampires) and Gabriel's family (the werewolves), who operate a meat packing plant (yes, you read that correctly). The zombies are not allowed to feast on the living, having to follow the same code of non-violence toward humans as the vampires and werewolves. Humans are called "breathers" by Vargas (Taye Diggs, who seems to lack any type of charisma for a stud vampire), who wants to get his undead hands on a crucifix with the blood of Belial, known as the "Heart of Belial". The crucifix is thrust into a host body and the one who uses the heart as a weapon is master of the beast that will be given birth by the blood of Belial.

Going through the formalities. Elizabeth (Anita Briem) calls on Dylan to find her father's killer, which turns out to be Gabriel's (Peter Stormare) daughter. A vampire who stole the heart from Elizabeth's father has hidden it and so it is desired by both the True Bloods and Gabriel's brood (including his son played by TNA Impact Wrestling's Kurt Angle). Dylan will try to secure the heart before it winds up in the wrong hands. Dylan's best friend, Marcus (Sam Huntington) is attacked by a giant zombie controlled by someone (or something), turning the young man into a zombie himself. Marcus will accompany Dylan as they search for the heart (Marcus and his condition are used as comedy relief; perhaps Marcus is the sole entertainment value this dead horror comedy has going for it). Liz may be more than she appears, adding a twist to the proceedings. Dylan had "retired" from his gig as human peacekeeper of the monsters, due to the murder of his beloved Cassandra, having slaughtered a group of elder vampires, in turn, placing Vargas in a position of power. Who do you really think was responsible for Cassandra's tragic demise? Yeah, it's that obvious—to everyone but the supposed know-it-all investigator.

I could go on and on, but the film isn't worth the extra time. Set in New Orleans, there's no reason this shouldn't be more energetic and fun. It just isn't. A dire lack of juicy bloodshed or visceral thrills only worsens a film loaded with monsters that normally leave plenty of gore in their wake. And when your star is as leaden as Routh, there's really no hope in that regard, either. Just a shame "Dylan Dog: Dead of Night" has such little to offer when the potential for an enjoyable experience is ripe for the pickings. The plot stays busy but doesn't really offer any original ideas that warrant the kind of enthusiasm a monster mash should entail. The story also includes a religious sect of monster hunters, one unveiled and equipped with martial arts and swordfighting skills, but even her fight scenes with Diggs falls flat due to poor editing during the action. Just a flat out misfire. There is a great scene has Dylan going to a "body shop" to get Marcus a new arm (a "loaner"), but it's one too few.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 / 10

like the concept

Dylan Dog (Brandon Routh) is a New Orleans detective who deals with supernatural creatures. Marcus (Sam Huntington) is his assistant. Elizabeth (Anita Briem) tries to hire him to investigate his father's murder but he refuses. He recognizes it as a werewolf attack. He tries to work with vampire leader Vargas (Taye Diggs). Marcus is killed by a werewolf.

I like the concept of this supernatural world loosely adopted from an Italian comic book. I don't really like Routh as this character. He's more of a pretty face with comedic leanings. He needs to be more of a hard-boiled tough detective. The budget is also not big enough for its goals. It looks more like a B-movie. The action could be better. Overall, I like the concept but the execution is not great.

Reviewed by Vanyal Ashkevron 8 / 10

Pretty good film, worth seeing I think

I am a huge fan of Sergio Bonelli comics and this film was a pleasant surprise. Whereas the setting and the plot of the film is ... well... Americanised, it does still manage to capture some of the feel of the original comic books. Which is a good thing. If Europeans weren't so bent on everything being 100% accurate, maybe we would have more of these films and more people would familiarise themselves with Italian and French comics.

Cons: It has no plot to speak of, it fails to transfer 80% of Dylan Dog's character, it's in the wrong city, in the wrong country, on the wrong continent and lacks some major characters.

Pros: It's on the right planet! The main character is there :P And it's fun! You will actually laugh out loud. Partially because some bits are funny and partially because the plot is so silly, but you will laugh. Which is always a plus in a horror film. It does manage to capture 20% of Dylan Dog's character which is more than any other film made on European comic book heroes. Big plus for that! It doesn't take itself too seriously and is a great way to pass the time while waiting for Supernatural season 11. It has the right atmosphere. I was very impressed with that. It feels like a film based on a comic book and that's very important to me. The acting is actually decent and on occasion even good! Brandon Routh looks hot in his one Dylan Dog suit he has. What more do you want?

In short, I think anyone who likes comic books in general and is a fan of films and series like Interview with the Vampire, Supernatural and such should like this film. If you are a fan of original comics, try and watch this with an open mind (repeat after me: limited budget, must be commercial a bit). If you've never read the original comics, you'll just enjoy it and maybe you'll even grab a comic book after you've seen the film. So it's all good.

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