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Tom Hardy as Farrier
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by georgebwofford-44106 10 / 10

Unapologetically, I can say this is one of the best war movies ever made

If you read through the swarm of negative reviews, you might notice a common theme: boring, dull, lack of characters. It's incredibly disappointing that they seemed the miss the entire point of the film.This is not a film about heroic soldiers triumphing against all odds while blowing up Nazis with transformer-esque explosions.

This is a movie about scenes, not characters. -and every scene is memorable, from the bombings to the torpedoes to the aerial dogfights. My co-worker, who is obsessed with WW2 planes, noted how incredibly perfect they got the British Supermarine Spitfire from the roar of the Rolls-Royce engine to the rattle of the components in the cabin. The accuracy and intensity of the dogfight was captured perfectly as well, mimicking the aerial maneuvers, firepower and damage in a realistic and dramatic fashion. The torpedoes noticed only moments before impact with it's slow monotonous movement sent chills of realization down my spine. Even in the beginning of the film, the way in which the Nazi leaflets were presented gave you some glimpse into the panic and anxiety felt by those soldiers.

I felt the "lack of characters" was realistic and served the film as well. War is not about larger-than-life personalities with specialized weapons being bad-asses. It's about nameless and faceless soldiers facing an existential crisis, the possibility of randomized death, and how they can either respond with despair or hope.

If you want characters you can root for and a happy ending where the bad guy in vanquished, then there are plenty of movies for you. But if you want a small glimpse into the despair, anxiety, hope, courage, and will of the British WW2 fighters then there is no better film ever made than this one.

Reviewed by Imme-van-Gorp 8 / 10

Very interesting movie.

Dunkirk is a war movie that shows three different storylines that sort of come together at the end. Every storyline follows a certain individual in a certain situation. This makes it so that you can really see what happens during an event like this for multiple different kinds of people. It brings you closer to what's happening instead of a main character or something.

The first storyline is on land and is mostly played by Fionn Whitehead, Harry Styles and Aneurin Barnard. It follows an inexperienced soldier (Whitehead) who is just trying to find a way out of Dunkirk, just like every other soldier at the beach. He then picks up two soldiers (Styles and Barnard) along the way who he stays with for the rest of the journey. I think the best thing about this storyline was the constant fear you felt for what could happen. Something I found really good was the chemistry between Whitehead and Styles, I think the best parts from this storyline were whenever Styles got on screen.

The second storyline is in the sky and is mostly played by Tom Hardy and Jack Lowden. It follows two pilots, who sort of witness all the horrible events from above, while trying to help as much as they can. I think I least enjoyed this storyline out of the three of them, because it felt very unpersonal and I wasn't really impressed by anything that happened during these parts. The best thing about this storyline must be Tom Hardy, since his acting was, as always, on par.

The third storyline is at sea and is mostly played by Mark Rylance, Barry Keoghan and Tom Glynn-Carney. It follows a man, a son and a young assistant going off to sea to try and save some of the men stuck at Dunkirk. I was very impressed with Glynn-Carney's acting during his parts and I very much enjoyed it. I think this has to be the most emotional storyline, because you get closest to these three characters out of the whole film, but one might argue that it is also the most boring storyline, because there isn't that much fear that anything will happen to them.

8/10. -Imme van Gorp

Reviewed by criticadelcinema 7 / 10

A technical masterpiece that is nearly devoid of palpable emotion and compelling characters.

Might as well get right to it, then. At the risk of sounding like a contrarian, I did not love this film. Do I love elements of this? Yes. Is this a 5-star masterpiece? Unfortunately, no.

The cinematography here at least, is masterful. Director Christopher Nolan has, without a doubt, reached the pinnacle of on-screen spectacle here. The feats of practical effects in this film are breathtaking. The casting of nearly 6,000 extras, authentic WWII vehicles, and shooting on location in Dunkirk, France contribute to a great sense of scale here. There is ongoing trend of action films in recent years of relying on CGI, and thankfully Nolan bucks that trend.

Similar to War for the Planet of the Apes, much of the film plays out without much dialogue, leaning on just the score and sound design in most scenes. It almost goes without saying that Hans Zimmer delivers with another incredible score. The sound design is also extremely well crafted, which, paired with Nolan's great work behind the camera, truly transports you to the Battle of Dunkirk. The wailing of planes passing above, the drone of gunfire, and the roar of explosions all contribute to the complete immersion into the world these characters are trapped in. This results in some of the most immersive wartime action scenes since Saving Private Ryan.

This film has and will continue to be compared to World War II classic Saving Private Ryan. Both films are beautifully filmed WWII period pieces with casts that deliver great performances. The similarities end there. Whereas Saving Private Ryan was engrossing as a narrative due to it's characters with depth and arcs, Dunkirk instead leans on it's subject matter and spectacle.

And while the subject matter of Dunkirk is fascinating, as a film it lacks emotional firepower due to the absence of a strongly written protagonist. This is strangely uncharacteristic of a director of Nolan's caliber, especially when you recall the complex character work in his most acclaimed films: The Dark Knight, Memento, and The Prestige. Instead of focusing on a single character or single group of characters, the focus is spread across three protagonists in completely different situations. Showing the Dunkirk Evacuation through the three different perspectives of those on the beach, the sea, and the air is only an interesting proposition on paper. The narrative, due to this writing choice, is spread far too thin, with few characters getting enough screen time to develop even the mildest emotional connection.

While the characters in this film aren't written to even remotely be compelling, the great work from this cast is not to be overlooked. Harry Styles, known for being a member of English boy band One Direction, is surprisingly excellent here in his acting debut. Mark Rylance, Kenneth Branagh, and Fionn Whitehead also all give standout performances despite the limited screen time they are given.

I should love this film. Historical drama? WWII setting? My favorite director Christopher Nolan? Amazing cinematography? Superb performances from an ensemble cast? All of these elements made me sure I would love this going in. But, Dunkirk's lack of emotional connection severely detracts from the awe-inspiring scope and technical prowess displayed.

If I reviewed based on visuals alone, this is a slam-dunk, walk-off home run of a 5-star film. While a focus on grandeur and situation over character depth and emotion may work for some (it obviously worked for 98% of critics on Rotten Tomatoes), it did not work for this critic.

This is without a doubt a cinematic achievement, but without an emotional core, it's impossible for this film not to feel cold and empty. Despite being a technical masterpiece, this is Christopher Nolan's most disappointing film yet.

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