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Sterling Holloway as Mr. Stork
Mel Blanc as Dumbo
Verna Felton as The Elephant Matriarch / Mrs. Jumbo
Candy Candido as Roaring Lion
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by goya-4 10 / 10

Disney's endearing classic

One of Disney's best known and loved films. About a baby elephant born in the tough world of the circus who is ridiculed and shut out because of his large ears. Comforted by his mother until she attacks a trainer and is penned up in a jaillike wagon, Dumbo eventually learns that he can fly and becomes a star. A great film that deals with discrimination, self esteem, the importance of family and friendship. Features a great score which it won an oscar for and a nomination for song, the beautiful "Baby Mine" . The pink elephants scene is a classic. Wonderfully done, arguably Disney's best on a scale of one to ten...10

Reviewed by Paul Kydd 5 / 10

Dumbo **½ (5/10)

USA 1941 English (Colour); Animation (Walt Disney); 64 minutes (U certificate)

Crew includes: Ben Sharpsteen (Director); Joe Grant, Dick Huemer (Screenwriters); Walt Disney (Producer)

Voices include: Edward Brophy, Verna Felton, Cliff Edwards (all uncredited)

Academy Award: Scoring of a Musical

Encouraged by an enterprising mouse (Brophy), an isolated baby elephant with massive ears overcomes his "freakishness" to become a circus sensation.

Slightest of all Disney classics (conceived as a short), with a cute, dialogue-free title character, and, remarkably, a trippy, alcohol-induced Pink Elephants on Parade sequence; ends quite suddenly once Dumbo realises he can fly.

Reviewed by Sean Lamberger 6 / 10

Dumbo Has All the Ingredients for a Disney Classic, But it's so Short...

One of Disney's classics, though after seventy-five years its reputation may have outpaced the film itself. After the financial disappointments of Pinocchio and Fantasia a year earlier, the studio tightened its belt on Dumbo in an attempt to make up for the losses. It worked in one sense, giving Disney the box office victory it needed, but that penny-pinching and corner-cutting hurt the finished product. It's astonishingly short, barely weighing in at an hour including credits, which forces a sudden, jarring climax. The story's pace is quite smooth until then, taking its time to build characters and back-story, so by contrast the immediate rush to wrap everything up in a frenzied flash is disruptive. While it's cruising along in the first half, though, things are good enough. Speckled with colorful characters and a fresh circus setting, it bottles that classic, emotive Disney magic while still taking a few risks. The infamous pink elephant scene, in particular, is an unexpectedly surreal animator's playground that's several decades ahead of the curve. I was shocked to find offbeat similarities Danny Elfman's work in the film's score, too, which may suggest an even broader influence. Playful and heartfelt, though deeply under-cooked, Dumbo feels like a breezy short story when compared to the richer, more complete films elsewhere in the studio's early catalog.

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