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Lucy Hale as Lily
Austin Abrams as James
Austin Butler as Thomas
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by leeannekopp-85392 10 / 10


Everyone is saying that this movie had no ending, well open your eyes. not every film needs to have a ending that is black and white, the ending in this film is about the fact that these characters feel lost and they are ok with it. The high school movies where everything works out and everyone is skipping away happy isn't real. There are plenty of teen films where the guys are loud, having sex and doing drugs and that's ok but since its girls a lot of ratings are calling it explicit. Its real, life happens, people get lost and don't know what they want. The point of this film is to showcase friendship and the ups and downs of real life. I loved the ending, its raw and it shows that you can be lost and scared and happy all at the same time and your shouldn't feel guilty for it.

Reviewed by kellykirk 1 / 10

This Movie is AWFUL

This movie sucks big time. There is no plot whatsoever. Just a bunch of grown adults playing the parts of teenagers who are beyond nasty and vulgar with how they talk and act. It's like everyone is trying way too hard to be funny and shocking. The way they show these teenagers doing drugs, drinking and having sex is such a bad example for teenagers who will watch this. There is no meaning to this movie. What a waste.

Reviewed by samboy_molly 1 / 10

Not even enjoyable whilst drunk

This movie sucks a tremendous amount of balls! The title of the movie is stupid and in fact basically the whole movie is stupid. Not even watching this movie drunk can help it be any better. This movie is hands down the worst movie i've ever seen on Netflix. It was so bad i had to turn it off and i'm always one to watch something from start to finish.

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