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Lucy Hale as Lily
Austin Abrams as James
Austin Butler as Thomas
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Daniela Ballada Gerch 6 / 10

Not another teen comedy

I went into DUDE thinking it was yet another teen comedy about prom and how much high school life sucks. I was pleasantly surprise to find a small and lovely story about friendship, love and life. Lucy Hale is a force of nature! Not to mention Austin Butler's heartbreaking presence through out the film, moving the story forward.

Reviewed by xxnat_babexx 1 / 10


Am I the only one who is sitting here thinking about the girl who got raped and how it got completely dismissed/ silenced? Not exactly a good portrayal for people who are unfortunate enough to experience such a horrible attack. Obviously its OK in America to just rape people and get away with it- This should not be normalized in any way.

Reviewed by Hh48840 9 / 10

So Good!

HOW can this movie have so many horrible critiques? I don't write reviews but I came to rate this movie because I liked it so much. When I saw all of the negative reviews I decided I had to write one. To each his own. Perhaps you will watch it and agree with all of the naysayers. Or maybe, you'll watch it and see it as the gem that I did. I said out loud to my boyfriend, in the middle of the movie, that it was the most entertaining movie I've watched in a while. It made me cry and made made me laugh. Heartwarming and Hilarious. Lighthearted, witty, and Intelligent. Decide for yourself.

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