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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 33%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 26%
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Eloise Mumford as Sue Lawson
Matt O'Leary as Jack Bowles
William Russ as General Lawson
Nishi Munshi as Mahmoud's Wife
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jmcockerell 1 / 10

Totally unrealistic

Totally unbelievable. Typical tripe from the Hollywood liberal establishment proselytizing their agenda. Two people like the two idiots in this movie would never be allowed to work drone missions. If we do in fact have people like those two working drone missions, our country is in deep trouble. One of the most horse poop movies I have ever seen.

Reviewed by lrivers-09766 1 / 10

To improve the quality control of the sound would greatly increase the watching enjoy-ability of the film for me.

The movie for me was very good and interesting. Strange there are not more like this. I expect it may be to fear of retaliation. This is a very sensitive issue with our own citizen and other countries also. Only real problem was the sound quality and loudness, it was atrocious. I would give the sound engineers a zero. It was very hard to hear the dialog without turning up the volume. Problem then is the background sound and effects are unbearable. Too loud to hear the dialog. So what I ended up doing was constantly turning the volume up and down. The movie theaters are even worst in this regard. To wrap up the movie I would say it needs more attention to sound and add more characters. The ones outside could have built a second story line. would be very good if they had better quality control over sound.

Reviewed by siu_mor 1 / 10

Soooo not how UAV ops work

Terrible, terrible movie. Worked in the UAV field and have been involved in a kill chain before. This is a horrible reflection on how we conduct ourselves as a military and is not accurate at all. FYI, pilot in command ultimately has the right to decide to engage or not and killing civilians is the last thing that the military ever wants. This is nothing short of propaganda. There are things called rules of war and there are serious repercussions for killing civilians. I am not saying it has never happened that a civilian was killed, but I can certainly say it is not allowed to simply shoot whenever, however with no regard for that. To suggest that we would kill a bunch of kids for the sake of a single guy without any hesitation is really disgraceful and shameful. Oh and just a historical fact since I have a degree in history... We killed civilians by the thousands during WWI and WWII. Today's fighting features far less civilian casualties than "The Greatest Generation's" war. Next time, do more research Hollywood!

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