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Sean Bean as Neil Wistin
Mary McCormack as Ellen Wistin
Patrick Sabongui as Imir Shaw
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Azizi Othman 5 / 10

could have been better

The movie was slow to develop, Sean and Patrick acting was OK, but the ending was good. I've seen a couple of movies with the same theme but this was a bit interesting as it involves interaction with the victim's family.The Neil's family crisis was highlighted too early to begin with i thought Imir's character should be develop further on. Worth a watch at least once.

Reviewed by Ben de Graaf 3 / 10

False moral and unrealistic premise

The acting didn't seem all that special, to be perfectly honest. It was unclear why they were all so troubled and tired. Was it that grandpa died? The characters were not very rounded, not well formed. It was a messy script, more suited for an episode of a B-class TV-series. And above all stands; The core of the story seems entirely fabricated in order to discredit whistle-blowers worldwide. How much did they get paid extra by the US-gov to make this movie? It tries to make it look like leaking or whistle-blowing by definition is unredacted, unchecked, unedited before going public. In *all* war-related leak cases known to the world this was never the case. The leaks have always been checked for names of (like in this movie) drone-operators and the likes, in order to not have them become endangered by the leak, and to have the whistle-blower remain innocent of indirect murder and such.

Thus far there has not been 1 proved case of endangerment of people involved in the leaked information, making this movie rather unfairly assuming a lot of false info.

The strangest part of the story however is the fact that it blames Islamic hackers for the breach of NSA data, which has never happened for real. The leaks came from the inside, from within the NSA/CIA/FBI.

Reviewed by faran08 10 / 10

A Very Good Watch

Slow in the start, basically building up for the climax, but last half hour conversation's very precise selection of dialogues, moments and very good acting by both main leads put you in their socks. The movie ends at a very strong note i.e. The man successfully made Neil realise that this is how his victims actually look like while dying. and a very serious message we do not realise now a days is that people are not collateral damage. They're people not things.

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