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Sean Bean as Neil Wistin
Mary McCormack as Ellen Wistin
Patrick Sabongui as Imir Shaw
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dave Nesbitt 8 / 10

Very Well Done - Better than expected

Based on the comments I read here, I wasn't going to watch this movie. One even said this was basically the same as the movie I.T. which is silly. They are two entirely different stories.

Yes. They both involve psycho's but I.T.'s psycho is truly going psycho for the most flimsy of reasons. I couldn't even finish watching that movie.

This movie however really delves into a legitimate reason why someone would do what the antagonist did in this movie.

It avoided a paper thin presentation of the Muslim's rage against the guy who killed his family by drone strike. And it had a totally different take on the possibilities where this movie could end up. I'm saying it like that so I don't ruin the movie.

The acting while not stunning was quite good. The writing was actually understated which I liked. The response of the government to this situation seemed more plausible than some movies that are so over the top.

This should be rated higher, at least a solid 6.5 to 7.0. In my mind, this movie is worth an 8.

Reviewed by Debabrata Sarker 9 / 10

A movie with a heart and a story to tell.

A very beautiful movie, perfectly shows the life in a first world country and things which are taken for granted there. There are some sub plots which have been tied in perfectly in the end. But this movie is not about any country but about the people living in them and their sorrows and losses and how killing in the name of war has become so cold and calculated and if someone finally speaks up against that coldness he is labeled as a traitor and the general people don't give a fcuk. Beautifully directed, beautiful acting by Sean Bean and specially Patrick Sabongui, that guy was the tragic hero. In the end it is the villain who turns to be better than all the other characters.

Reviewed by Azizi Othman 5 / 10

could have been better

The movie was slow to develop, Sean and Patrick acting was OK, but the ending was good. I've seen a couple of movies with the same theme but this was a bit interesting as it involves interaction with the victim's family.The Neil's family crisis was highlighted too early to begin with i thought Imir's character should be develop further on. Worth a watch at least once.

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