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Ryan Gosling as Driver
Carey Mulligan as Irene
Oscar Isaac as Standard
Bryan Cranston as Shannon
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Reviewed by joewilliams-01809 8 / 10

Drive: Short Review

A very memorable crime drama with a very slow paced film but an amazingly entertaining, it is really due to how well directed and well handled this film is. The visuals and cinematography are beautiful.

The story is well written and the streets in LA was given a life for an overused setting. The characters are interesting, they were given a lot of attention and background that let you sink in and fear for them. The main protagonist is silent and not your wise cracking quipy guy like most of today's, he is confident, comfortable and brave but once he was in danger, I feel the sense of fear in him as he is out of his comfort zone and Ryan Gosling did fantastically even if he has one emotion on the entire film which is impressive. The only gripe I noticed is some scenes dragged a bit and it can be bothersome for some people.

The film is well-directed, taking a same old formula from a crime drama and take it into a creative way.It is not action packed nor fast paced, it is slow yet entertaining that let you sink in to the characters and gave you a sense of uncomfortableness if that's even a word.

Reviewed by benkitching13 8 / 10

Outstandingly acted and filmed.

Frame by frame, the cinematography in Drive may well be the most consistent and accomplished style I have ever seen. This use of cinematography, in addition to a largely successful soundtrack presents Drive with a stylish aesthetic.

Ryan Gosling is undeniably superb in the lead role. He perfectly connotes the driver's hollow and broken persona so effectively that at times you are able to virtually feel the subtle tension leaking from his stare and can sense the Bryan Cranston impresses too, however his role is certainly nothing unprecedented.

Drive has extremely violent moments, though on the whole Refn executes these to a commendably high standard. This is in part due to Refn's masterful handling of tension. On numerous occasions did he raise the level of tension, prior to relieving the tension, prior to delivering the climax. Additionally, nearly every violent sequence felt varied and adopting a slightly different style than the last.

Through masterful cinematography, Gosling's exceptional lead performance and some excellently crafted violent sequences, Drive is a high quality experience, if not quite the absolute masterpiece some have hailed it as.

Reviewed by Nathan Laing 10 / 10

Unsettling Yet Super Stylish

"Drive" is not the thrill-ride of an action movie promised by the trailer. It in fact a slow paced thriller that occasionally resorts to ultra violence. Refn creates a very unsettling yet super stylish world with his very carefully selected colour pallet and excellent direction and cinematography. Gosling and Mulligan steal the show with incredibly subtle yet expressive performances while Cranston, Brooks and Perlman are brilliant in supporting roles. Definitely check this one out if you enjoy tense thrillers and have a stomach for occasions of extreme violence.

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