Dressed to Kill


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Michael Caine as Doctor Robert Elliott
Angie Dickinson as Kate Miller
Mark Margolis as Patient at Bellvue Hospital
Keith Gordon as Peter Miller
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Reviewed by Sam Panico 9 / 10

Like a great remix

Many find this a hard movie to stomach due to its misogyny. I'll see you that and raise you that it's a misanthropic film that presents all of humanity, male and female, in negative terms. The men in this film are actually treated the way women normally are in films, as either silent sex objects seen (Warren Lockman), sexless enemies (Kate's husband), shrill harpies that need to be defeated (Detective Marino) or sexless best friends who provide the hero with the tools they need to save the day (Peter). Seriously, in another film, one would think Peter would have sexual interest in Liz, but despite her double entendres and come ons, he remains more concerned with schedules and numbers and evidence.

Reviewed by HotToastyRag 7 / 10

Fun, but very adult, thriller

If I were dissatisfied with my marriage and Michael Caine was my therapist, I'd probably have a crush on him. Apparently, Angie Dickinson agrees with me, for in Dressed to Kill, she hits on him during a session. She's married to Keith Gordon, and dislikes many aspects of their marriage, including their bedroom activities. When Michael rebuffs her advances, she looks elsewhere.

Dressed to Kill, while completely earning its R rating—it was originally rated X before certain elements were cut—is a very fun thriller. Depending on how comfortable you are in your relationship, this might be a good pick to watch during your steamy movie night. Brian De Palma's script will keep you guessing from start to finish, and you'll be on the edge of your seat once the serial killer makes an appearance and bodies start dropping. It can be pretty scary at times, but if you like this type of movie, it's a really great one. I'm a bit of a lightweight when it comes to scary movies, but I'm also a huge Michael Caine fan, so I ended up liking it.

Kiddy Warning: Obviously, you have control over your own children. However, due to graphic nudity, sex scenes, and violence, I wouldn't let my kids watch it.

Reviewed by gab-14712 8 / 10


What do you get when you combine Alfred Hitchcock and a thriller suspense story from the 1980's? Well, you would get 1980's thriller Dressed to Kill. From the beginning, you can tell that director Brian De Palma was trying to emulate Alfred Hitchcock's films of old. Many young filmmakers at the time tried to make films with a Hitchcock influence, but many of them failed. However, Dressed to Kill mostly succeeded in creating a "Hitchcock" film. According to famed critic Roger Ebert, "He (De Palma) places his emphasis on the same things that obsessed Hitchcock: precise camera movements, meticulously selected visual movements, characters seen as types rather than personalities, and violence as a sudden interruption of the most mundane situations." While the movie may not be peak Hitchcock, we get have an entertaining thriller that is violent, engaging, and surprisingly effective.

My first thought of the movie was that it is a strangely erotic movie. In all honesty, it is really a softcore porn movie, at least that is what it felt like to me. It is a movie that pushes sex up to the top and then some. It does star some respectable Hollywood actors and a well-loved director, so at least the names give the movie legitimacy. Let me tell you why I believed this film was a porno at first. Just listen to the plot. There is this middle-aged woman named Kate Miller (Angie Dickinson) who is frustrated with her sexual life. She goes to a therapist named Dr. Robert Elliot (Michael Caine) to help her through her crisis. After a session with the therapist, she randomly meets this guy at a museum and they have sex. After she finds out he has a STD, she leaves hastily. The problem is that she forgets her wedding ring. As she goes back to retrieve her ring, she is brutally murdered with a razor. Now there are all sorts of problems as everyone tries to track down the killer.

I thought the performances were solid ones. The big name here is Michael Caine. He does wonderful in all his films, and there is no difference here. His character is very charismatic, but there is a hint of darkness hidden behind the charisma, and that interested me because I am used to Michael Caine playing a beloved, helpful good guy. Angie Dickinson gave a solid performance as the sexually-deprived housewife. I am still on the fence about Nancy Allen's performance. She played a high-class prostitute named Liz Blake and was named the only suspect for the murder. Her performance went over-the-top at times, a little more than I was comfortable with. It's funny because she was nominated both for a Golden Globe and a Razzie for her performance.

One important thing to note about the movie is that it is not pushed forward narratively. De Palma and writer George Litto made this film more of a stylistic one. Also, certain themes we look at today were looked at differently thirty-seven years ago. The movie has a strange way in using transsexuality and schizophrenia to build the case for the homicidal maniac seen killing people in the movie. There are plot issues at hand, but plot is not the strongest suit of the film. It is all about the shocker value that is effectively delivered.

Dressed to Kill is an interesting movie to say the least. It's an erotic thriller that follows the footsteps of earlier Hitchcock movies. But one thing to note is that it is not a Hitchcock film, but De Palma comes very close in recreating one. The film is suspenseful, thrilling, and there are what seems to be an indefinite amount of twists and turns. If anything, you get to see Michael Caine deliver a performance outside of his wheelhouse.

My Grade: B

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