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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Deny Kurniawan 7 / 10

Good Film

I think the quality of the films presented in this movie is great because a lot of the best scenes in view of these impressions. Dragonwolf it tells the story like the dragon against the wolf which was the best strength to calm him down.

But it would be nice if which issued in the form of the action movie genre like this involve other genre of professional players like Stephen Chow, or other actors to make it more interesting and more challenging and watched good for longer.

to make the best possible first scene that target destination. For the second scene looking for opponents to play good and the selection of an equal adversary in the final stage where the opponent look lost first leading role in efforts to win new experience merebutkan women.

hopefully there is a continuation of the film dragonwolf which tells the same story but different enemy opposing players where, the story goes according grooves and interlocking in the ce

Reviewed by peterbp 2 / 10

It wanted to be Sin CIty with Kung Fu mixed in...

...but fell flat on its face.

With a decent budget, plenty of locations to film, a somewhat large cast, decent combat scenes and cinematography, it should make for a good flick.

Instead, it is gutted by tedious, standard dialogue, poorly executed. Too much chatter, barely a hint of emotion in it, all of it stuffed together in chunks that just can't jabber squeezed into it without any breaks and pauses.

Oh yeah, the plot? Like a bone with a few pathetic strips of meat on it.

Movie might have worked if the acting and speech was top-notch (think Pulp Fiction), but with this standard of acting... forget it!

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 2 / 10

So bad it has to be seen to be believed...

"Dragonwolf" was really a horrible experience to sit through. Not only because of its mediocre storyline, but more so because of the wooden and wooden acting and laughable dialogue all the way throughout the entire movie.

The story is about Mozart (played by Kazu Patrick Tang) whose mother dies when he is a boy, and Julius (played by Johan Kirsten) promises to look after him, essentially adopting him as a brother. As grown ups, the brothers are living on the shadier edge of the law, both having fallen for the same woman.

This movie takes place in Thailand, but for some odd reason everyone is speaking English throughout the movie, even Mozart's mom during the start of the movie. Having everyone speaking English didn't really help to make the movie any better.

I must confess that I have never seen as bad acting as I did in this movie from the guy who played the shaman and one of the goons (who were on the mountain with a binocular and saying that the woman was his project now) who worked for Julius. Wow, that was just horrible to bear witness to.

The one thing of the two things that this movie has working for it is the martial arts. There are some nice fighting scenes, although you can see that they are choreographed and rigidly executed, especially during many of the kicking scenes as they don't even try to hit one another. Despite having some fair action scenes and sequences throughout the movie, they could do nothing to lift up the movie, much less make the movie worthwhile.

And the second thing that works for the movie is the fighting and stunt talents of Kazu Patrick Tang.

Thai movies usually are nice, but of course, it would be ignorant to think that every single Thai movie will be great, and "Dragonwolf" is the testimony that proves the theory wrong. Boy was this a horrible movie.

And the movie ran for about 120 minutes, which was a painful length, because the movie was slow, dimwitted, dull and most often uneventful. "Dragonwolf" is not one of the prouder moments in Thai cinema. Should you be unfortunate to sit through and bear witness to this movie, trust me that you will soon forget about the movie once it finished (provided you make it to the end, of course), and you will not look back to make an additional viewing of this movie. I guarantee it.

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