Dragonheart: Battle for the Heartfire



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by phantomcharlie 3 / 10


This was not a good movie. It wasn't terrible but it wasn't good either. 3 stars at the most. Much of the action was predictable and the story was all too similar to many others. It's time (past time) to retire this franchise.

The forth installment is a failure!

Reviewed by grisharkramer 10 / 10

Gorgeously directed. End of compliments.

I must preface this review by saying I love trash. When I saw that the fourth Dragonheart movie was on Netflix I couldn't have been more thrilled. I was astonished when I saw the opening sequence, and could not believe how genuinely I was enjoying the directors touch. I usually watch this sort of thing to enjoy the flaws, and luckily soon after the credits it really starts to deliver on that front. The acting is actually fine, but the script delivers some genuinely terrible lines, most notably "A man's smell is his soul." There's a beautiful "Hey you are the King do some charming King stuff" montage. Patrick Stewart uses all his acting power to convey to the audience that he didn't want to be in a sound booth that day and that he has genuine disdain like the script, and also that he's reading it in the sound booth for the first and last time.

The director and the costume designer are wonderful and deserve to work again with way more money. As far as whoever "wrote" the screenplay, thanks for all the chuckles.

The CGI looks real bad.

In closing: Directing 10/10 Costumes 10/10 Cinematography 10/10 Acting 9/10 (Except Patrick Stewart who is purposefully awful) Script 1/10 CGI 1/10 Stunt Choreography 7/10

So it's a real mixed bag. If you love trash, it's beautifully shot and competently acted and everything else is hot garbage.

Reviewed by Darktyras 1 / 10

A Dragon-Fueled Garbage Fire

Absolute sludge. This movie though it does not deserve to be called as such, is an unrelenting war on the senses and intelligence of the viewer. The effects of the film are baffling in its own incompetence, with horrific CG dragons and hilariously bad fire being all over the place. If you had told me this movie had come out in 2017 i would've called you a liar. The plot is boring and predictable, the characters are frustratingly incompetent and the visuals being a balance between drab and really bad CG.

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