Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F'


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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 79%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by OneEightNine Media 7 / 10

Officially ends DBZ for me. Because Super is meh.

Finally watched this. Meh. DBZ movies always su&k when compared to the television series. I gave DragonBall Super an honest chance and had to quit it for obvious reasons, because it has become an endless cash-grab. Heck, even DragonBall GT is a better watch. Anyway, this film is actually one of the better DBZ films - only because Freeza is such a good villain and the film stays true to that. The problem is the action is sort of weak regardless of the fact there is a good amount of it. Overall - not bad. However it will officially mark the last time I watch anything DragonBall related.

Reviewed by Arahones 2 / 10

Nothing wrong with milking the DBZ cow, but this milk is sour.

I'm a fan of the series, watched all the shows several times, played a lot of the games, so in short, I like Dragon Ball content. This movie however, it is just awful. The story is a joke and the whole movie is just boring.


Some officer from Frieza's old empire has the idea to summon the Dragon Balls and revive Frieza, who is stuck in teddy bear/rainbow hell. Frieza has proved to be no match for Goku, especially now Goku has defeated the far superior Cell, Buu and other much stronger villains and sparring partners. But Frieza has a trick up his sleeve, he never trained in his life (because he was lazy), but now he is going to train. Jup, Frieza is joining the gym. This will give him ultra mega golden super power and catches up with Goku and Vegeta (who are supposed to be more than 1000/10.000 times stronger) with a healthy carb diet and some cardio.

When Frieza arrives on earth, Goku is not there, he destroy's north city, which seems to be more a inconvenience to all heroes. He uses thousands of henchmen to fight the earthen heroes as Piccolo, Krillin, Tien and Gohan, who have lots of problems killing them. Yep, that Gohan, who can tap into all of his power without even going 'super', destroyed Cell and rivaled Buu, now has trouble with henchmen. He needs a sensu bean to recover.

Anyhow, Goku and Vegeta arrive, the fight in short; let's start full power, fight, that wasn't real full power, actual full power fight (Blue hair vs Golden Frieza), Frieza loses, but tricks the heroes by destroying earth and all is lost, but wait, Michael Sheen can reverse time and make everything good again.

The end. What a waste of time.

Reviewed by tenshi_ippikiookami 4 / 10

Just for fans

"Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F" brings back the old band including old big bad Freezer... I mean Frieza. Some of Frieza's people are still alive, and they find the dragon balls, resurrect him and give him some time to power up. All the while, Kuririn is happy as a cop, Son Gohan as a regular and average person and Piccolo taking care of Son Gohan and Videl's child. But when Frieza decides is time to carry out its vengeance, they will have to do their best to stop it... well, till Son Goku and Vegeta are back from their constant training.

"Dragon Ball" (and "Z") are history, legend in the anime world. The first part was more humorous, silly, with character development and lots of adventures, while the "Z" part became a non-stop of fighting and a constant introduction of new and badder enemies (which Son Goku always had to defeat), video game style. It still had humor and adventure, but they were left in the background. It was fun, but it became too much.

This movie suffers from the same. The first part, lighter in tone, and with the typical cameos of different characters, like the aforementioned Videl, Android No.18 or always fun to meet again Pilaf and hench-couple are silly and funny. The second part, though, falls into a too long, too much, too repetitive, we all really know how it is going to end fighting. First, Kuririn, Piccolo, Son Gohan ('ironic' that Kuririn tells Android No.18 to stay home while Master Roshi joins the team)... appear and fight with Frieza's people. And then Son Goku appears and does what he always does (which the viewer, when they see the movie, will understand). It is just not very original or fun.

The movie ends up just being light entertainment, that will be enjoyed the best by fans (but even those will probably think it is just too much of the same).

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