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Tom Hanks as Det. Pep Streebek
Christopher Plummer as Reverend Jonathan Whirley
Dan Aykroyd as Sgt. Joe Friday
Casey Sander as Phoney CHP #1
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SimonJack 2 / 10

No humor in this brainless film

Satire is a wonderful, but small genre, of movies. The most difficult to make truly funny is satire of movies or of TV programs. That's because they are hard to come up with originality. When the audience knows the original source so well, the writers have to create comedy that we can't see coming. It's the surprise that's needed to put the dialog across as humorous.

Unfortunately, "Dragnet" missed on this big time. It was so predictable throughout, that it's almost devoid of any original humor. That means no laughs. Then, with its combination of crude and crud, this film comes off as a big turd. It's too bad Tom Hanks picked this and a couple other stinker films as his career was taking off. And, Dan Aykroyd is capable of great comedy, not dumb, humorless garbage like this.

Reviewed by Amy Adler 6 / 10

Kind of a drag, all things considered, especially the unsavory plot; like the cast, mostly

Friday (Dan Ackroyd) is the son of a famous detective and, now, he continues detecting in the family tradition. He has the same monotone, just the facts mantra, and conservative dress as his dad. His longtime partner moves away so he is paired with a new one, Streebek (Tom Hanks) who shows up with long hair and a flashy outfit. No, no, no, that's not gonna work. Before long, Streebek is looking VERY similar to Friday. But, his mode of operation is not the same and won't ever be. In the City of Angels at this time, a group calling itself PAGAN is stealing vehicles, setting fires, and leaving calling cards. Meanwhile, a stuffy minister Wurley (Christopher Plummer) and a playboy type (Dabney Coleman) are at odds over the place each has in society. Also, police commissioner (Elizabeth Ashley) has a "close" relationship with Wurley, who has big secrets unknown to her. As Friday and Streebek hunt down PAGAN, rescue ladies, encounter strippers, tangle with anacondas, and drive like maniacs, will they get the job done? Let me first say, I love Ackroyd and Hanks and they are not the problem here, for they try hard. Plummer does great, as he is totally unlikeable as written, and the rest of the cast are okay, too. Its the script, stupid, that's really kind of a drag, for the adventures of these two detectives are, many times, offensive. As the movie sets out to really spoof the original Dragnet television show, it might have been better to come closer to the Jack Webb version. If you like the two stars, and most viewers do, take a chance if you wish. But don't expect to be entertained in grand fashion.

Reviewed by Predrag 7 / 10

"Thank God, it's Friday!"

The movie stars Tom Hanks at what I think is the height of his comedic arc, after a series of great movies he is leaving the 1980's on top. As Ray Peterson, he is stressed and overworked and just wants to relax and enjoy some nice time off from work. He loves the quiet and peaceful setting of his suburban environment. Unfortunately, his neighbors Art and Mark ruin this idyllic sense in their attempts to convince Ray that his neighbors really are Satanic murderers. Tom Hanks' delivery and comedic timing are impeccable and carries the movie. But not in a way that overshadows his co-stars, as they answer his deliveries with equal funny lines and over-the-top madcap action. Ray's wife Carol (Carrie Fisher) provides the sensible rational side of things, trying to convince the group that the Klopeks are just different and that they only need to get to know them. Once she decides to leave to go visit out of town family, Ray is left to be completely overtaken by the idea that his neighbors really are Satanic murderers, and sets out with Art and Mark to prove it.

All in all, this parody is hardly an all-time comedy classic, but it is still far, far better than the usually pitiful "Police Academy" franchise from the same era. With its sincere homage to Jack Webb's beloved series, the 1987 incarnation of "Dragnet" is simply top-notch for its genre right up there with another TV-inspired spoof, "The Naked Gun" starring Leslie Nielsen, which debuted the following year. The terrific, tongue-in-cheek dialogue (a trademark of the late Mankiewicz) showcases Aykroyd and Hanks in top form, especially the howler of a joke in the film's last few seconds. The surprisingly coherent plot stays on track most of the time, including a double-cross between two unlikely co-conspirators, Caesar and Whirley. The acting talents of Dabney Coleman and Christopher Plummer are excellent here making their "unholy" alliance quite believable. While Tom Hanks generally steals the show as the wisecracking Det. Streebek, Dan Aykroyd deserves considerable credit for concocting a likable, new persona for the intrepid Sgt. Joe Friday character without betraying Jack Webb's original interpretation.

Overall rating: 7 out of 10.

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