Don't Kill It


Action / Comedy / Fantasy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 100%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 36%
IMDb Rating 5.2 10 3135


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Dolph Lundgren as Jebediah Woodley
Kristina Klebe as Agent Evelyn Pierce
Billy Slaughter as Agent Jackson
Nick Principe as Overkill Demon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by James Wright 7 / 10


You can either describe this as a spiritual successor or cheap rip off of the 1998 film Fallen, there too a demon hops bodies upon death, however it is a much better put together story that makes for a spectacular psychological thriller rather than low budget splatter horror.

However, despite being overall inferior to the original concept there are some redeeming features of this movie. The dialogue and effects are bad but the story overall is pretty compelling and worthwhile. It takes the idea and mythos of a body-hopping demon and does some smart and interesting things with the concept. It is also a pretty complete story, that can be seen to have been mapped out from the start, rather than just hodge-podged together, although there is a bit too much bait and switch in one concept that holds the movie together that I won't get into here.

Overall this isn't a bad attempt at a low budget horror and there are far worse out there. I would say that watching Fallen is probably a better bet if you are interested in a movie like this, but if you have already seen it then why not give this a go. On a final note; this movie might have been vastly improved if the demon didn't just scream all the time, which gets annoying and old real fast.

Reviewed by utahman1971 10 / 10

People ripping off other people, not movie off another

The problem not lies in the movie but the reviewers. They are so picky, that they take it out on the movies, but think they are better by tearing the movie down, which the movies they are tearing down are better than the people tearing it down.

This whole site rating is backwards. The whole high rated movies are actually worse than the ones rated bad. Go figure, because this site can't force a mandatory rating or vote for movies. So the ratings on these movies are always going to be f-ed up.

All this time with the site up, they still can't figure to make the ratings or voting mandatory. If you take a little of your rime for each title, you would know what I am talking about. Half or more each title are no stars at all, but in the review they put stuff like, 3 out of 5 or 2 out of 5 only.

That is not the actually rating IMDb. You won't fix it, then the whole point of coming to get real opinions of movies on this site is pointless, and can't believe one person on this site at all. Only believe yourself and try the movie out for yourself.

Know one is going to know more whether you love, hate or just like the movie until you watch it. These reviews are just trash. So do not even believe me, just watch it. That is how bad this site is for reviews. If I had a site and money to maintain it, then I would be giving accurate reviews that are better.

Reviewed by GL84 9 / 10

Insanely fun and enjoyable creature feature

After a series of strange confrontations, a demon hunter arrives in a small Mississippi town to battle a supposed demonic infestation in the area only to find the creature is a body-hopping entity that possesses whoever kills it and forces him into desperate measures to save the town.

This was an incredibly fun and enjoyable effort. Among the more enjoyable aspects of this one is the fact that this one exploits it's rather intriguing premise in rather fine fashion. The central concept of a body-hopping demon that possesses an individual after they've killed the possessed around them is a rather fun and unique one, granting this one a pretty enjoyable storyline throughout here which manages to give this a lot to like overall here. One of the best attributes of the storyline is that there's quite a lot of big action scenes throughout here that give this an incredibly fun pace. This starts off incredibly well with the attack in the woods and the resulting maniacs running back to civilization with the rather thrilling encounters alongside the various homes that signal the impressive rampages against the citizens, and it builds along from that rather nicely with the later attacks featured here. From the assault on the different villagers around the woods to the series of intense body-hopping scenarios here from the massacre at the town- hall meeting and the big confrontation in the abandoned house in the woods and finally the last battle in the woods with the followers who are completely misinformed on what's going on intending to help only to fall into the last trap, these supply this with a fine finale that packs in tons of fine action into the film. Even the angelic influences that come into play here manage an incredibly intriguing and somewhat unique concept which is really nicely played up in here. As these scenes all manage to work out the incredibly impressive effects work on the creatures as well as the multitude of exceptionally graphic practical bloodshed throughout here with all the different inventive deaths at play here which work overall here, these give this one a lot to really enjoy about this to hold it up over the few minor positives. The main issue with this one is the fact that this one carries on the disbelieving locals storyline for so long that it becomes incredibly comical after a while seeing them refusing to believe in the concept of the body-swapping demon at the core of the attacks which should've been a given after everything that happened so this just doesn't seem realistic. As well, the lack of information on the demons' origins and what it's doing is left out of here, making this one feel rather clueless about what it's purpose is. Otherwise, this one has a lot to really like.

Rated Unrated/R: Extreme Graphic Language, Graphic Violence, Brief Nudity, a sex scene and drug use.

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