Don Quixote


Adventure / Drama / Family / Fantasy

IMDb Rating 5.8 10 219


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James Franco as Pasamonte
Luis Guzmán as Farmer
Lin Shaye as The Grand Lady
Horatio Sanz as Sancho Panza / Narrator
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mike Bluett 3 / 10

Poor Acting

Unfortunately, this movie does not do the book justice.

The acting is quite awful. I could not even make it through half the movie.

The movie does convey the nonsensical motives of Don Quixote.

But, this is obviously a subjective review. You must decide for yourself.

Reviewed by nathan-54548 8 / 10

A funny movie with likeable characters

I've never read the book so I had no expectations going into this.

I found it was quite funny and I really liked the characters.

After watching a slew of utter garbage movies where the main characters were so unlikable that I was rooting for the bad guys (I'm looking at you Dead Draw and Skyline), it was quite refreshing to find myself drawn into this story, waiting to see what would happen next, and laughing the whole way.

Reviewed by jacksixtoes 10 / 10


I would like to thank James Franco and Luiz Guzman for their participation in a great film. These A-list actors giving their time to participate in what will soon become a classic. This film captured the myth of Don Quixote. Beautiful and sad, I enjoyed the movie immensely. It recognized the depth of the human spirit. Inspirational, I wanted to take up my lance and right all the wrongs in the world. Thank you everyone who helped make this film possible.

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