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Keira Knightley as Domino Harvey
Mena Suvari as Kimmie
Lucy Liu as Taryn Mills
Mickey Rourke as Ed Moseby
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tknaus 10 / 10

Basically the best movie of its year of its category

Couldn't be a better story line that contains real life situations, jobs etc.. This movie has situated casting crew, that couldn't have done a better role in the acting of this movie. The story line was as good, the acting actors made this movie greater. The fact that this movie has a rating of 6 is, in my opinion, is best in its year that has a better review like this one. It has a 6 of 10 rating that is going to change to a 7, so I hope. It has sex, it has guns, its American, It has a Brittian actor, a Spanish actor. The nominated actors and lots of legends featuring in this movie. The plot of the story makes for history as if nothing like this has been filmed before and it was amazing. The camera's with angles is about bounty hunters and tells their story like it is. Its dramatic scenes bring out intense sequels. Outstanding job on the filming, even better on the story line. Great job on this movie. 10 of 10 Baby ;)

Reviewed by mistoppi 3 / 10

A perfectly good and simple story was butchered

If there's a movie I'd compare Domino to, it's Natural Born Killers. Not that those two films have much thing common, apart from being huge disappointments, and mostly the most annoying parts are similar.

Why did I want to watch Domino or NBK? The stories were interesting. They were simple, yet intriguing. But in both cases the story is ruined by the director trying too hard to be very unique in their style of directing. Even the simplest, most boring way is better than throwing too many details in one absolute sh*t show.

In this case the story was ruined by the large amount of characters, while many of them seem like trivialities compared to the main trio. It is hard to keep a track on who did what and who is who. Sometimes even the main plot seems like it doesn't matter, that there's something more important to the movie, but I can't figure out what that could be.

At first Domino seems visually interesting, but that wears off soon. The way this film is shot is confusing and hard to follow, even if it sometimes looks real pretty. The strongest quality of the cinematography is the colour scheme, yet that is used in very few scenes, contrast to really annoying effects. Those special effects are used so much they lose their effect, which is where Tony Scott f*cked up. Those little fun effects would've made this film great, if they hadn't been used every five seconds. This is why this film's technical strengths became its greatest weaknesses.

The best thing about this film is Keira Knightley, who is an extremely good actress, and since I've liked her since my childhood (Pirates of the Caribbean), it's always wonderful to see her in a movie.

In short, the story was butchered and Tony Scott tried too hard to be artistic instead of making a simple action biography that more people could enjoy without getting a f*cking headache from the effects used.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 3 / 10


DOMINO is a messy film, one of the most overblown I've seen. It rattles along at a fair old pace, screaming and shooting, and director Tony Scott goes out of his way to make every scene, every frame even, as stylish as possible. It's a mess of choppy editing, over the top dialogue and people screaming as they shoot each other while a pumping soundtrack plays over the proceedings.

The huge cast come in and out of the storyline, about bounty hunters going after some guys who've stolen a massive haul, and it's all rather lightweight and nonsensical. The ensemble cast is good, but these are caricatures rather than real people, and larger than life doesn't really describe the huge egos and outlandish behaviour filling the screen. I've never liked Knightley, but she's probably at her best here, given the chance to do something other than period dramas; Mickey Rourke is gravely and tough, continuing the career rehabilitation begun with SIN CITY; Christopher Walken shines in a supporting role.

But the script is all over the place and the attempts at comedy sit ill with the main thrust of the story – long, unnecessary segments including the Jerry Springer one just drag the film down and scream self-indulgence. By the end, I neither knew nor cared about any of the cardboard characters in this headache-inducing movie, just longing for it to be over.

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