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Reviewed by Anonymous Andy (Minus_The_Beer) 8 / 10

Dolly Dearest

Before "Child's Play" and "Puppet Master," there was the lesser- seen, lesser-talked about killer doll movie, simply titled "Dolls." The third offering from Stuart Gordon, "Dolls" is a low-key yet supremely entertaining comedown, following the director's more high- concept and out-there offerings, "Re-Animator" and "From Beyond." It's also a collaboration between Gordon, his producing partner (and future "Society" director, among others), Brian Yuzna, and of course, Full Moon pictures. This leads you to believe you know what to expect, but Gordon and company throw a few curveballs your way, crafting a horrific fairy tale of sorts that strikes just the right balance between fun and frightful.

After their car breaks down in the middle of a bad storm, The World's Worst Parents (the comical and on-point Ian Patrick Williams and Carolyn Purdy Gordon) and their instantly adorable young daughter, Judy (Carrie Lorraine), seek refuge in the home of an elderly doll-maker and his wife (Guy Rolfe and Hilary Mason). Also staying the night are the affable, slightly dopey but well-meaning Ralph (Stephen Lee) and two new-wave/punk-rocker hitchhikers (Bunty Bailey and Cassie Stuart). It's not long before the old man's hand- crafted creations start going bump in the night, sparking Judy's imagination, peeving her parents and ruining Ralph's beauty sleep. It's gonna be a long night for all involved!

There's a lot to love in the tight, 77 minutes of "Dolls." First off, the cast is just absolutely brilliant, bringing a silly concept to life with colorful performances all around. You'll love some of them, and you'll hate the others, and you won't soon forget them. Likewise, the old house that the bulk of the film takes place in becomes a character of its own. One of the most memorable sequences involves poor Ralph stumbling around its halls late at night by candlelight as the creepy creations cause concern. The special effects, as dreamed up by "Troll" creator John Carl Buechler, are downright spell-binding. The dolls are at once ugly and convincing. For his part, Gordon keeps things light and dream-like, making "Dolls" a sort of horror movie comfort food. There are plenty of films about killer dolls out there at this point, but this dolly is one of the dearest.

Reviewed by Sam Panico 5 / 10

Eyeballs and dolls and punkers!

Six people are stranded at a mansion in the English countryside — David Bower and Rosemary Bower (Carolyn Purdy-Gordon, wife of Stuart Gordon), two totally selfish and uncaring parents, and their daughter Judy. Plus, we have nice guy Ralph and two British punk rock hitchhikers, Isabel (played by Bunty Bailey, who starred in two landmark music videos for the band A-Ha) and Enid.

The mansion is owned by Gabriel and Hilary Hartwicke (Hilary Mason, the blind psychic from Don't Look Now), toy makers who fill their home with their creations. As Judy had to give up her old teddy bear by her evil stepmother, they give her a new doll, Mr. Punch.

We soon discover that the dolls are alive and love to destroy humans — the eviler the better. The two girls try to steal antiques and get their faces smashed in and shot by toy soldiers before becoming dolls themselves. Rosemary is attacked by the dolls, then leaps out a window to her death. Her body is brought back to the house, leading David to believe Ralph is a killer.

Meanwhile, Judy reveals to Ralph that the dolls are alive and talks them into saving his life. David attacks, knocking out his daughter and the man he blames for his wife's death, but the dolls save them. Mr. Punch battles David but is destroyed.

The old owners of the house reveal themselves and explain that the house tests people. Either they pass — like Ralph and Judy. Or they fail, like everyone else, and are turned into dolls. It just depends on who believes in the power of childhood. David now becomes Judy's new doll, Judy picks Ralph to be her new dad and she leaves for home.

Meanwhile, we see all the evil folks as dolls on the shelf as new people get stuck outside the house and the cycle begins again.

Dolls is a Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, Castle Freak) film and feels like a test run for the Demonic Toys movies. There are some moments of great invention, like the giant evil teddy bear and the eyeballs popping out of the punk girl. It was a theatrical release that actually didn't do well, but found new life on video — where a young version of my wife found it and rented it just about every day.


Reviewed by joshfedderson 9 / 10

Attack of the Little People

This a classic 80's movie, the effects and everything speak 80's like none other. Here is the story, a man and woman and their little girl are taking a vacation their car ends up stuck in the mud because of a violent storm that happens. The three end up at an old creepy house that some old couple owns, the old couple welcomes them in and introduces themselves as Gabriel and Hilary Hartwicke, Gabriel is a toy maker, specifically for dolls. The little girl Judy is thrilled to be in a house where there are so many toys.

Eventually, three other people show up at the house two women, who I suppose are hookers or prostitutes? And a man who seem nervous and jumpy the two women's names are Isabel and Enid, and the mans name is Ralph. The old couple also welcomes them in and shows them where they will be staying the night. Everybody settles down, but that's when things start to get creepy.

Isabel, wants to steal things from these people. So, she ventures out at her friends protest and starts snooping around. Suddenly she is attacked by unknown things, they kill her and drag her to the attic. Eventually, the little girl Judy tries to convince everyone that "little people" attacked Isabel, but no one believes the little girl, except the nervous man Ralph. The two discover that the collection of dolls the old man has made, come to life and kill people. All hell breaks lose when the dolls kill Enid, and Judy's step mother Rosemary. As things go on, it is found out that Gabriel and Hilary are magical toy makers and it's because of them that these dolls do what they do. Everyone is killed, except David the dad who is turned into a doll himself.

The little girl Judy and Ralph are allowed to leave, as the movie ends we see David, Rosemary, Enid, and Isabel all made dolls and are now part of Gabriel and Hilary's collection. As the credits roll, we see a vehicle drive up in front of the house with another family in it, it is assumed that they go through the same hell as the previous group of people.

This movie was fun, and as an 80's horror movie it does deserve credit for what it brought. The dolls were fantastic and it makes me appreciate the hard work the film makers had to go through to bring them to life. The Cast did a great job, especially the little girl Carrie Lorraine who played Judy Bower well. I really enjoyed the old creepy couple Gabriel and Hilary Hartwicke they were the best in the show in my opinion. Guy Rolfe and Hilary Mason do an excellent job. I give Dolls a 9, because I felt more could have been brought to the story, the story was good, but it was movie that was rushed. It is only 77 minuets but with what they brought in the film it was not bad at all.

Dolls gets a 9/10

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