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Matt Damon as Loki
Salma Hayek as Serendipity
Ben Affleck as Bartleby
Alan Rickman as Metatron
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TownRootGuy 9 / 10

A must see for Kevin Smith fans and antiestablishmentarians.

I would have said this was an 11 when it first came out but now I'm just bitter Salma doesn't release the krakens. I hate it when R-rated movies don't have naked babes. WTF is the point?

This has a great cast, outstanding eye candy, some FX AND the humor is sinfully delicious.

This is an awesome movie, Smith is a genius. I can watch this every 2 - 3 years.

Reviewed by jellopuke 6 / 10

not as offensively terrible as other Smith movies

This one holds up much better than the other 90's work by Smith, but by no means is it a good movie. It could more aptly be named "Exposition: The Movie" as it features long winded dialogues of characters explaining Catholic dogma and history in order to service the plot. This might work fine in a comic book, but in a visual medium like film, it bogs everything down and makes the movie more tedious than it needs to be. There's some funny stuff in here and, in a weird way, a decent little examination of faith, but it's told very amateurishly and without any visual flair or even decent composition and lighting. Essentially just point and shoot and get the wide shots. It's not as noticeable as his other work which is just sub-student film level, but it's not up to snuff either. Sad thing is, the guy never bothered to try to learn this stuff and so you get no obvious improvement in technique four movies in. So long story short, this movie is okay, but forgettable.

Reviewed by tomherg 3 / 10

Light hearted comedy

Pretty much a no brainer, one of Matt Damons better performances. Many people that watch the film simply overthink it, as in they feel insulted. But in the end it is just an early show of when the decline of this industry started. When the heads are corrupt and disgusting Pedros, what do you expect. Anyways, Matt Damon was OK, so 3 out of 10. Never again.

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