Dog Pound


Action / Drama

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Adam Butcher as Butch
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gilbertcarlton7 10 / 10

An Unsung Hero against a corrupt and abusive Correctional Facility.

My review is going to contain SPOILERS. DO NOT read it if you haven't seen the movie yet. This movie was incredibly moving and sometimes very intense. At the end of the movie I felt very empty because I was hoping for a different ending but I see the ending as a sort of Martyrdom for my favorite character, Butch. In this movie I see Butch as a defender and unsung hero. He never committed violence unless he was pushed and provoked by someone else. For instance in the beginning when the Correctional Officer was abusing him, he defended himself or when the crooked trustee bullies who ruled with abuse and terror, where terrorizing him and his friends and he took care of them and gave them a taste of Justice. He also defended and protected Davis by dealing with them. When Angel was murdered and Davis was raped and committed suicide Butch reached his breaking point from the injustice and that nothing was done about it and he incited a riot during the hunger strike for the death of the two boys. What I got from this movie is not that Butch, his friends and the majority of the inmates are the bad guys but that the crooked and abusive officers and inmate bullies are. When Butch saw that nothing was going to be done and that officer Goodyear refused to answer for his crimes and say what happened, he decided to take justice into his own hands, in the only way he was able too. I was hoping that the movie would end with Butch making Officer Goodyear and all the other crooked officers answer for their crimes and that he would escape. I was very frustrated with the ending but I think it served to give Butch martyrdom in his fight against corrupt bullies whether they are in the form of corrupt and abusive correctional officers or violent and abusive inmate bullies. One of my favorite movies of all time and the meaning of it will stick with me for a long time.

Reviewed by fxknbg 10 / 10

Pretty Movie

Definitely this movie is not a waste of time. Good actors and interesting scenarios. Congratulations . With largely improvised dialogue and a cast including genuine ex-offenders, Chapiron captures a powerful stench of authenticity. Covers predictable ground with admirable sincerity and is notable for some eye-catching performances, not least that of Adam Butcher as an angry young man.

Reviewed by Python Hyena 8 / 10

Let the Dog Out!

Dog Pound (2010): Dir: Kim Chapiron / Cast: Adam Butcher, Shane Kippel, Mateo Morales, Lawrence Bayne, Slim Twig: Disturbing drama about human imprisonment, or in this case, juvenile prison. Adam Butcher plays a seventeen year old sentenced after brutally retaliating against an abusive corrections officer. Shane Kippel is sentenced due to drugs and substance abuse. Mateo Morales plays Angel who is sentenced after car theft and assault. All three join many others in hostile confinement where they become victims of violence. Butcher soon retaliates when he decides not to discuss his abuse. Kippel still gets hooked on drugs while also undergoing severe hostility including sexual. He ignores his mother's visitation pleas to help him. Morales is smaller but blunt in his views. All three have opportunities to reform but due too prison politics and overall nature, violence and death seem to be the only solution. Lawrence Bayne plays Officer Goodyear who runs strict orders but unable to sustain cooperation when demanding answers to evidence of abuse. We are also given a small glimpse of his fragile home life as especially when he is unable to attend his daughter's birthday. Slim Twig also makes an appearance as Max rounding out a largely unknown yet very effective cast. The guards are thankfully not the typical abusive guards often portrayed in these films. While some images are disturbing to observe, director Kim Chapiron delivers a realistic and observant glimpse at the rough reality of juvenile prisons and the animalistic nature it gives to lives on the wrong path. Score: 8 / 10

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