Dog Eat Dog


Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 43%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 23%
IMDb Rating 4.6 10 4762


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Nicolas Cage as Troy
Nicky Whelan as Daniece
Willem Dafoe as Mad Dog
Paul Schrader as El Greco
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Madjack always 1 / 10

The whole thing feels like some old movie executives crowd sourced project.

Where to start analyzing this - the movie tries very hard to be cool, hip, and edgy. Quick cuts, split scenes, savagery, foulness and drugs have been the go-to formula for Guy Ritchie flavoured flicks. Superfluous savagery, pointless bareness, and simply through and through preposterousness. Again Cage in his cliché suit and tie, passing out wisecracks, being the sharp edgy person (imply: exhausting) combined with a couple of half bare inked chicks and a lot of harsh looking ex-cons. The discourse isn't enthralling, the story line isn't fascinating, and the film all in all is forgettable. There was no story, no rushes however shabby firearm shooting activity. Overall, the film's plot is not so much the title phrase "dog eat dog" as predictable keystone criminals, who are ultimately second- rate thugs racing their way to the grave. The whole thing feels like some jaded movie executive's crowd sourced project. There was no story, no thrills but cheap gun shooting action. I the pains to write a review as i believe that this review could save someone an hour and a half.

Reviewed by ikonsneed 3 / 10


I can honestly say this one of Nicolas Cage's worst films and I think his career is tanking. From the opening scene it was appalling. It is extremely dark, weighing heavy on valleys and missing any peaks. Also, being as I am a Clevelander, it does not portray an accurate portrait of the city I love...not even in regards to crime. This is a despicable display of cinema art. I have no known issues with crime films or violence. What I do have an issue with is is poorly written, directed, and produced work like Dog Eat Dog. The actors in this film are legendary but their work is sub par, at best! Save yourself the time that I wasted by not viewing this film.

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 4 / 10

Will somebody please feed the dog?...

Initially I had low expectations to "Dog Eat Dog", given the fact that it is another Nicolas Cage movie. And I can't claim to be much fan of him or his one-and-only-expression-in-every-scene. However, having Willem Dafoe on the cast list alongside with Nicolas Cage, well that might actually do salvage the movie.

So I sat down to watch this movie. And I must admit that this movie was not in the least a particularly memorable or entertaining movie. It was every bit as slow-paced and fairly uneventful as it was a confusing mess of jumbled events and stumbling dialogue.

The story is about three ex-cons who get together for a last and final job that will set them up with riches for the rest of their lives. However, things does not turn out as they had planned, in fact things take a turn for the worse quite fast.

Right, well the storyline wasn't original. Nope, not one bit. "Dog Eat Dog" offers nothing to the genre that hasn't already been done, seen or attempted in other similar movies.

And watching Nicolas Cage stumble through this script wasn't particularly helpful to the movie. And however good Willem Dafoe is, then he just didn't manage to lift the movie out of the overwhelming less-than-mediocre shadow that shrouded it.

The dialogue throughout the movie was not impressive, and many a times I found myself with my toes curled up because of the dialogue that was presented by the characters on the screen.

My interest and attention to the movie drifted off a couple of times throughout the course of the movie, because it just seemed like a myriad of multiple chaotic and scrambled scenes shot independently were being put together to form a movie; and that movie became "Dog Eat Dog".

I did manage to stick with the movie to the end. And boy, what an ending. Talk about being cliché and ridiculous. I will not give the ending away, you have to witness that stinker for yourself.

"Dog Eat Dog" came and went without even denting anything. This is the type of movie that you watch if you stumble upon it by sheer random luck; nay, make that random accident. And it is the type of movie that you watch once, then never again.

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