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Faye Dunaway as Katie Elder
Stacy Keach as Doc Holliday
Harris Yulin as Wyatt Earp
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mark.waltz 4 / 10

Taking another twist on a legendary trio, and it doesn't quite come together.

There are moments of silence in this avant garde western where you might find yourself reaching for aspirin because of a silence is deafening headache. As Doc Hollifay, Stacy Keach speaks in such low tones that you want to check his pulse to check if the life is fading out of him. The exquisitely beautiful Faye Dunaway is initially seen dirty and disgusting, a prostitute so filthy that disease seems to ooze off of her. Clean her up, and she's in a bridal gown, literately carrying Keach over the threshold. Harris Yulin is Doc's old friend, Marshal Wyatt Earp, determined to clean up Tombstone even if he has to steal the upcoming election to do so. These three try to hold together an obscure artistic western that fails to come together and retain interest.

At times, it seems that Tombstone is built over dead ground, so bland and empty that it seems like those who live there are ghost already. The actors are directed to either speak slowly and softly with long pauses, or be so crude that they come off as walking slimebags who you just don't want to see on screen. I can see people either loving this or hating it, and while I just found it aggravating, I have to call myself annoyed by it. Sometimes a certain piece of artwork is a masterpiece to some while others don't want to invest time analyzing it. I finally got to the point where I just closed my eyes and let the purposely soothing voices steer me to sleep.

Reviewed by LeonLouisRicci 7 / 10

Atypical Western but Typical for When it was Made

Stacy Keach and Faye Dunaway give Good Performances as "Doc" Holiday and Katie Elder, and is Central to, Yet Again, a Movie about those mostly Mythological Personalities, Wyatt Earp and "Doc", Climaxing, Yet Again, with The Gunfight at the O.K. Corral.

The Point in this one is to Demystify to a Degree about the Motivation and Moral Certitude of the often Predictable Personas of these "Shootist".

It's a Gloomy, Murky, Soft Spoken Style with most of the Acting done with the Eyes and a Whisper. Thought Provoking and it does Dusty Duty Covering things with a Haze of Grit. The Tense Atmosphere is Realistic and the Suspense Builds with much Philosophizing and Reflection.

The Film certainly has it Moments as well as its Detractors. It is more of an Intellectual Introspection of Famous/Infamous Men. Wild Men, who had to be to Survive, in the Wild West. Some of these Folks had Visions of Civilizing the Frontier. Witness Wyatt's (Henry Yulin) Speech after the Gunfight and "Doc's" Final Act of Violence.

Overall, Atypical Western in the Traditional Sense but Typical for its Time Period. Underrated and Worth a Watch.

Reviewed by Marty Munjak 5 / 10

Katie Elder ??

Saw this for the 1st time today. Seeing "Tombstone" & now this...Doc shot "Ringo" at the OK Corral. In "Tombstone" Doc shot Ringo in some forest somewhere. Also in "Doc" Morgan is dead at OK Corral. In "Tombstone" Morgan is wounded at OK Corral. And my biggest question is this ... Big Nose Kates last name is "Elder". Any relation to that great Western..."The Sons Of Katie Elder" ??? What's going on in Western history ??? I had no clue Kate's last name was "Elder" in "Doc" until near the end. " " Sons of Katie Elder" with John Wayne, Dean Martin, Earl Holliman...etc was one of my favorite movies growing up. How many "Katie Elders" could there be back in the old West ???

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